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That moment when you're in the shower and the power goes off, heart stopping fear amirite?

Depends if it's during any light or complete dark. I live in an area that has tropical storms & hurricanes so taking showers in " lantern" light in cold water has occurred more than once!

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I think it just kind of makes things more relaxing. Practically speaking, showering with the lights off isn't exactly great, but as an experience I think I enjoy it a fair amount. Best of all, in the shower I'm not using any electronics to entertain myself so I'm not frustrated by it.

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Len Len

Take a shower in daylight and no worries about the power going off. Keep the lights off if you don't need it.

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Anita_Robin Anita_Robin

Never happens to me.

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Deadcutie Deadcutie

I actually like things like that sometimes. Fear is a great emotion, makes you feel alive!

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Tiffanee Tiffanee

It's more "Dang it" rather than "AH! ON NO!"

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Virtuosa Virtuosa

The shower stops and I get out and dry myself and find a torch...

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Nah...SSDD here.

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SugarSkull SugarSkull

I was taking a shower upstairs Saturdaynight. A massive lighting stike close by shook the whole house and a huge explosion made me jump.

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Deadcutie Deadcutie

In response to “I was taking a shower upstairs...

That sounds scary. There was an incident many years ago when one of my bosses was in Mexico City on a business trip and they had an earthquake while he was having his morning shower and his hotel room split open to the outside when the bricks and walls fell down. He had to go onto the street naked and wrap himself up in whatever towel he could find on the way out to cover himself!

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goblue1968 goblue1968

Damn it can ruin my great line of my shower thoughts :3

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Efti Efti

Wouldn't bother me. I take my showers during the daytime, and besides that, I have a backup generator on my house that kicks on a few seconds after the main house power goes off.

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goblue1968 goblue1968

I worked in a building that was suppose to be haunted. One morning we had the power knocked out by a storm. A gentleman that worked there was extremely frightened of our ghosts. He unfortunately was in the bathroom at the time. We could hear him screaming and trying to find his way out. It was funny once he calmed down. I felt sorry for the guy he was terrified.

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BarbOBarr BarbOBarr

I take baths.

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Sukiesnow Sukiesnow

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