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Deep inside, you've always wanted to kick a cat, amirite?

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In response to “mr.Norris!!'

Mrs. Norris got a **** change?

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ashbashcrashed ashbashcrashed

In response to “Mrs. Norris got a **** change?

haha awkward! that's what I meant :)

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That would be very cruel and inappropriate. What if someone wanted to kick you, how would you feel?

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In response to “That would be very cruel and inappropriate...

um I get kicked all the time.. just today in fact I was kicked multiple times and sometimes even from strangers! but I think the "kick me" post it my friend taped to my back was the reason for that but idk!

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It's posts like this that make me hate people.

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not really, no. no matter how much i dislike cats i wouldnt harm them. animal cruelty is just unacceptable. youre horrible.

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PepeDawgg PepeDawgg

Maybe not cats, but if I had an Invisibility Cloak, I would kick wiener dogs.

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PinkSponge PinkSponge

I read this as 'lick a cat' and thought that was weird then I realsed that it was 'Kick a cat' and now I think that you are horrible. Stay away from my cat

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Not a cat, but I would kick a pigeon. They're mean and a little creepy, always scaring away cute little birds that I want to feed.

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Sqwancho Sqwancho


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i hate cats. ive always said ive wanted to kick cats or spray them with a shit ton of water to piss them off. pretty sure me and this guy are on the same page when i say NO MATTER HOW MUCH WE HATE CATS WE WOULD NEVER ACTUALLY KICK IT.

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This post makes me concerned for humanity..

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insachel insachel

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