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With Two Face Cat
5 Differences Between Well-Known
My friends have a formal complaint into the ethics committee for Trudeau's comment ... "We send you huge hugs"... Sexual harassment to the women's hockey team.
Science says energy cannot be created or destroyed, only moved around. So, if energy cannot be created, where did all the energy come from?
Anyone ever heard of Canadian bandleader, composer, conductor, Grammy-winner, Percy Faith? Today (February 9th, 2018) is the 42nd anniversary of his death...The discography list is long for Mr. Faith. He won a Grammy for "Record of the Year" in 1961 for "Theme From a Summer Place"...Remember that movie?
Hahahah CRAZY Man
The anniversary deaths of a few notable folks in the music industry for February 12th include Tony Secunda who managed many rock groups in the 60's/70's like "The Moody Blues, Procol Harum, The Move, and T. Rex, Motörhead, Steeleye Span, Marianne Faithfull, and the Pretenders". Also, George "Earring" Mayweather died on this day (Blues harmonica player). American pop singer "Oliver", and Mr. Al Jarreau, the famous, jazz/R&B singer, also died on this date.
Have you ever had a heated disagreement with your oven?
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Describe your Nightmare World
After a long research, I've decided to buy an Epiphone Les Paul Standard... I've played it a few times and it was highly recommended by Gibson users... Anyone have an Epiphone Les Paul?
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Musician/songwriter, Waylon Jennings died 16 years ago today (February 13th). Wanna post any related (Country, R&R, doesn't matter) music in memory of this great artist who supposedly missed an earlier death by giving up his seat on the same flight on which Buddy Holly was killed?
What was the motivation for the frog in the Frogger video game to even cross the street in the first place? She must have known about all of the "chicken jokes", that have been around for such a long time, so... It's unlike there wasn't any safer route for her to make the silly crossing...
How Many Fingers Does Obama Have?
Any of you Amiriters out there bought a Subaru within the last 5 years?..If so, what has been your experience (regardless of a specific model)?
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Why would anyone ask 666 questions, without using even a single brain cell in the process?
11 Spooky Facts
Quiz: How much do you know about American presidents?

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