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Lost control in public
Post a song with the word seen in the title
What fictional character do you identify with the most?
This year Mississippi made divorce easier for abused spouses....... Are you surprised it took Mississippi this long to consider spousal abuse in divorce cases?

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78% agree
22% disagree
Do you find weather boring and not surprising enough?
You're walking along a hiking trail and you stumble across a dead body, fresh kill. Do you report it, and become a prime suspect and person of interest, or do you walk away and avoid the hassle?
<b>Which store would you love to be locked in overnight?</b> <em>I'll take IKEA...</em>
How much do you like jello?
Is yawning dangerous?
Did you ever swim across a river?
Here are some of the arguments for the existence of a God or why we apparently should believe in a God: The Ontological Argument The Cosmological Argument The Cosmological Argument from Contingency The Design Argument The Moral Argument The Argument from Change The Argument from Efficient Causality The Argument from Time and Contingency The Argument from Degrees of Perfection The Kalam Argument The Argument from the World as an Interacting Whole The Argument from Miracles The Argument from Consciousness The Argument from Truth The Argument from the Origin of the Idea of Godt The Argument from Conscience The Argument from Desire The Argument from Aesthetic Experience The Argument from Religious Experience The Common Consent Argument Pascal's Wager The Arguments for Motion.

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