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What was your missed opportunity?
Is the Miss America pageant basically just a virtue-signaling contest now?
Quiz! Which Heavy Metal Legend Are You?
After getting all dressed up name a place you'd hate to find that your date was taking you?
What is something a queen would never do?
Ten Fun Facts
Family pictures, post-it notes, cool magnets -- the outside of a refrigerator can reveal a lot about a person! What do you have on yours?
Jaws may be scary but all he wants to do is write greeting cards. His latest, 'My deepest sympathies for the loss of your <u>_</u>__.
Have you met my cousin? He is both an undertaker and a polar bear.
My guess is you have never literally "cut through the crap"... I mean, who would? What other common expression have you never done?
Formula 1 Racing is where they separate the best drivers and cars from any others ... Anyone can go fast or slow around an oval track ... What's your favorite Formula car?
If you could be reincarnated as an object what would you like to be upon your return?
Many of a certain ideological persuasion often counter prejudice by saying..."Often times, we find that people's prejudices disappear once they meet and get to know someone". Has ANYONE on this site EVER met Donald Trump?? YES or NO?
MO. Gal Where Did You Go?
What's something you check everyday?
What is your fave vintage sci-fi movie, and why?
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Do you have what it takes to be a MILLIONAIRE? Take the QUIZ.
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