A bicycle, often called a bike (and sometimes referred to as a "pushbike", "pedal bike", "pedal cycle", or "cycle"), is a human-powered, pedal-driven, single-track vehicle, having two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other. A bicycle rider is called a cyclist, or bicyclist.


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Have you ever ridden on a bicycle built for two?   Tell us about your experience!
If someone turns you upside down,What's coming out of your pockets?
<b>The last time I bicycled it felt like I need training wheels.</b>
<b>The bigger your Bike is...makes no difference once you meet up with a car.</b> <em>It might as well be a bicycle.</em> <b>Amirite?</b>

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Bicycle helmet law question for anyone who lives in alberta Canada:  was pulled over a week ago, because i was not wearing a Helmet, the only law Alberta has is under 18 must wear a helmet, i am 25. the cop said their was a new law in place as of May first and he let me off with a warning. however, I think this cop is full of SHIT, and just...[Show All] harrassing me, as i cannot find such law he is talking about. can anyone help me? thanks, is it a requirement to wear a helmet while biking on a bicycle thanks [Show Less]
I got myself a lawyer today. Does that make me a crook?
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<b>Who taught you how to bicycle?</b>

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There is no such thing as a comfortable bicycle seat.

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Was this Year's Tour de France Humour inspiring?  <b>*</b>  About Competition <b>*   Contests over long distances,  *  often clash with circumstances,   *  some dramatic, others squeaky,  *  where the eyes get, somehow, leaky.  </b>*   There are unsuspected crashes,  *  sometimes with discordant thrashes ...   *  Excessive speed is dangerous -  *  like quicksands can be treacherous.  <b>*   Some myths around the Tour de France  *  told by insiders, in a trance,  *  portray various tribulations,  *  spiced by wry gesticulations.  </b>*   Mount Ventoux, the toilsome highlight,  *  towers in a moody twilight,  *  veering from dim to malicious,  *  or from eerie to delicious.  <b>*   "Competence" supports the winner,  *  as a guide for the beginner;  *  it takes sometimes a lot of pluck,  *  with know-how, toughness and good luck.  </b>*   But fortune can be facetious  *  and a sideslip expeditious -  *  bang - the champ' plunges, in a glance,  *  with the two wheels losing the "stance".  <b>*   Dazzled fans could see a rider,  *  dashing uphill - like a strider,  *  giving up a broken racer,  *  to recover the lost "pacer".  </b>*   Luckily - besides some bruises -  *  there are "spares" for further cruises;  *  contests may involve hard struggles,  *  tragic tears and waggish juggles.  <b>*   M.  </b>***

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When traveling, what is your preferred mode of transportation ?
Have you ever thrown anything at a moving vehicle?
You've had someone sit on your bicycle's handlebars.

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What do you most often sit down to do?
Who owns the sidewalk?
Why over 2000-pounds vehicle is used to transport 150-pounds person?

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