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Gun Control
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David Hogg,can you hear Mexico ?
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Yesterday, I saw the "against U.S gun violence" protest march in Ottawa... (that's in Ontario Canada. lol)... They marched from Parliament to the U.S embassy ... that was a good thing ..  The only problem I had was some were shouting "NRA must go away" Huh? ... Didn't agree on that and why would parents take their little kids (5-6) to this protest march? Didn't agree with that either. JMO
The NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch is sexy... <em>amirite</em>?
You know the difference?
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Nope.  This does not change my view on allowing teachers to be armed.
If you were a security guard in Canada...would you have intervened at a shootout?
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The Tolerant Left?

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Really lady? Florida Woman Calls for Mass Shooting at NRA Meetings Following Parkland Massacre
Which would prevent another school shooting: All firearms banned, or staff heavily armed
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How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime. This article makes sense to me. Make it hard as hell to purchase guns and keep them. If you want to buy a gun in Japan you need patience and determination. You have to attend an all-day class, take a written exam and pass a shooting-range test with a mark of at least 95%. It's all about responsibility.

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If democrats had the laws they wish in regards to guns more people would have died. seeing that law abiding citizens would have no means in which to defend themselves against those who don;t abide by the law!

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THEY ARE BACK! what to do what to do?
Why do liberals or any pro gun control advocatethink that guns magically make people kill large amounts of people? do not forget 9/11 people,not one gun was used, yet killed over 2OOO people,
Gun control either works or it doesn’t. If it works then global is falsely reporting a shooting that obviously did not happen because gun control would have prevented the criminal from using a gun in public. Or it fails because criminals are criminals and won’t abide by law. And all the law does is prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves.

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🕊 When a 64 year old white man kills 58 and wounds 500 in fifteen minutes from 1200 feet with a knife, I will absolutely call for knife control. Until then, you've made the world's shittiest point. <em>amirite?</em> 🕊
⚰ Believing easier access to guns leads to less violence is like believing less access to birth control leads to less abortions. <em>amirite?</em> ⚰
If you are for abortion and think we should ban  or restrict (further) guns to "save" lives, you are a HYPOCRITE! end of story! more babies die by the hands of abortion then toddlers or any other people in the USA die by being shot,

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<em>What was the motive?</em>

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