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Admins aren't magical beings with the knowledge of every single amirite post ever made, they won't always know if something is a repeat which is why it helps for the users to report posts, and don't forget, it's us who suggests what the POTD will be.

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Frank_n_Furter Frank_n_Furter

In response to “Admins aren't magical beings with the...

They don't need to know if every post is a repeat or not, just a quick site search would do.

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AntiJokeChicken AntiJokeChicken

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She never said she was labeled as cocky, just that a confident girl shouldn't be mistakenly labeled as cocky. She could have been using herself sort of as a hypothetical.

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_Jojo_ _Jojo_

In response to “She never said //she// was labeled as cocky...

No one has any reason to label anyone as cocky though unless they're telling people how pretty they think they are.

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AntiJokeChicken AntiJokeChicken

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This made me laugh way too hard at work.

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Eesa Eesa

In response to “This made me laugh way too hard at work.

Is this really something people laugh at though? We probably have a different sense of humour but I look at this and I know it's funny but it's not the kind of thing that makes me laugh or grin.

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AntiJokeChicken AntiJokeChicken

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