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The negatives of the death penalty far outweigh the positives.

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SpearmintMilk SpearmintMilk

In response to “The negatives of the death penalty far...

Prisons aren't overcrowded because of murderers they are overcrowded because of people being put into jail for petty crimes. If more focus was to be put on rehabilitation then that would not be as much of a problem.

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SpearmintMilk SpearmintMilk

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Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth. It has adopted many pagan traditions over time, but the pagan holiday is the Winter Solstice. You don't have to celebrate the religous aspect of the holiday, but don't tell Christians they can't call THEIR holiday what they want. Keep in mind that Christmas was when God gave his Son so Christians could be saved from the evils of hell. To you it's giving gifts and spending time with family. Both groups celebrate similar concepts but it is a Christian Holiday

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone came out 11-16-01. Harry was 11 in the movie, there were 16 chapters in the book*, and it's the 1st movie in the series. This is not a coincidence, amirite?

*Actually there were 17, but I lied in order to sound more convincing

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

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But in a way, wouldn't you be glad that more and more people are discovering The Hunger Games? I've heard about the books multiple times before, but last year when I first heard that there was going to be a movie of it, I decided to get them and read them. I mean, as long as they're not the annoying "TEEM PETA!!1!" or "TEAM GALE!!!!1" people, I'm kind of glad a lot of people are reading them now.

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theasexualsloth theasexualsloth

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Okay. People just look at ten guilty men on the street or one innocent man in jail, but that's not the entirety of what this philosophy means. Number one: either way, guilty men are going free. The innocent man is going to jail instead of the actual guilty person. Number two: it isn't just about who you're letting go, it's about what society you would prefer. Would you prefer a society that puts people in jail without factual or true evidence, and where planting evidence is easier? Or would you prefer a society that cares so much about putting the right guy in jail, it won't even jail is supposed guilty person if there isn't enough proof? I don't think possible "safety" is worth an easily corruptible justice system that relies on faulty evidence.

In short:
Which is better?
Eye witness says he did it, the guy goes to jail regardless of whether or not he did it.
Eye witness says he did it, but because eye witnesses aren't completely reliable, and there isn't any other substantial evidence, the guy goes free.

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DictatorCourtney DictatorCourtney

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