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how does this get on the homepage when most users are teenagers?

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “how does this get on the homepage when most...

cause we **** mad bitches

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Snow white: girl lives with seven men, prince feels up her dead body
Sleeping beauty: guy breaks into a house and makes out with an unconscious 16 year-old
Beauty and the Beast: girl falls in love with a wookie who kidnapped her father
Cinderella: guy travels around the whole kingdom to look at girls feet. Foot fetish much?
Mulan: girl cross-dresses and goes skinny dipping in a lake with a few dozen men
Lady and the Tramp: canines make-out with a bowl of spaghetti
The Little Mermaid: guy gets it on with a human-fish hybrid and almost marries an octopus
The Princess and the Frog: girl makes out with a frog
And you think a lesbian princess would raise too many questions?

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fEMMAnist fEMMAnist

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nah i luv james!

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Musicislife2 Musicislife2

In response to “nah i luv james!

I take your love for him as seriously as your spelling of sed word.

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Cmillz Cmillz

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Stevie wonder isn't white according to my knowledge

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I heard this really funny story that Stevie Wonder was in an interview and the interviewer asked him "so what's it like to be blind?" and he replied "it could be worse, I could be black", I really hope it's true, I like to think he has a sense of humour as good as that :)

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Xin_a_tizzleX Xin_a_tizzleX

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"Uhg mah boyfran is so effing mean :( uhg I hate this."
(two hours later)
(another two hours later)
"**** it all... I'm goin to bed ;( cryin mahself to sleep </3"

Yeah break the **** up already.

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I always had ALL of my classes with this one guy, and now we go to uni together, but we're still not friends. It's a little awkward.

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ender ender

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