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Meanwhile in Russia:
"I think I'll put some juice in my vodka today, just to get into the international spirit"

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Watchful_questioneer Watchful_questioneer

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It's true in a general sense that everybody is unique DNA wise (exceptions of identical twins), but my quote is more aimed at personality. In other words, we don't act in a way we have never observed before.

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HakunaMatata HakunaMatata

In response to “It's true in a general sense that everybody...

I disagree. Blind babies smile and over-protected first-born infants throw tantrums. We can be afraid of things we never knew existed up until the moments we saw and feared them. Universiality tends to favour nature rather than nurture. If it's common to all, more than likely it's in-borne.

I suppose it can be said that "maybe you observe things and just remember them subconsciously" for many cases of personality traits, but traits seem to be situational. We do have natural reactions to things that affect our personality (i.e. someone is a jerk, you act grumpy) Again, even few-week-old babies get cranky, and they don't have to learn it by observation. They can develop personality traits based on operant conditioning (i.e. if food is often prompt when they cry, they know to cry to get food; in turn, over time they may become impatient because they learned "whine = food now" early on and it stuck with them subconsiously), or classical conditioning (i.e. daddy scolds them when they cry, therefore cry less to avoid scolding; may become dependent on father or authority figure's approval)

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So many religions, each with different gods. How many are real gods?

Although I believe in none of them they've all had influence on people. Similar to how a character from a book- erm actually exactly like how a character from a book influences people. They're all real in an abstract way.

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Len Len

Intelligent design should not be taught as a science in schools

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I think the idea of it should be taught, but it shouldn't be taught itself.
As in, "Some people believe in intelligent design" - explanation
But the textbook itself shouldn't adopt the viewpoint of it.
Every textbook on every subject, ever, should look at both sides of the arguement. That's what a lot of social studies books in AP classes are doing now, and they're better than ever.

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ShadowofSin ShadowofSin

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I don't understand how you could be in love with someone you know absolutely nothing about. If there's a strong enough mutual attraction then a lot of the time the pieces will naturally align but I feel that love comes from knowing a person's strengths, weaknesses, fears, and story and that's not typically something you can pick up on at first glance.
If you feel like you've experienced love at first sight then I mean you no disrespect at all. It just seems like a conflicting phrase.

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Sarcasm_on_ice Sarcasm_on_ice

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Could somebody explain this joke?

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KatieKatie KatieKatie

In response to “Could somebody explain this joke?

nah, some explanations are just better left unsaid

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Watchful_questioneer Watchful_questioneer

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"One of the greatest problems of history is that the concepts of love and power are usually contrasted as polar opposites. Love is identified with a resignation of power and power with a denial of love....What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive and that love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love." ~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Naggs Naggs

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