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It does when you're trying hard as hell to gain weight and the person calling you too thin knows that.

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didn't she have cancer like multiple times...? as far as i know that can teach a person quite a bit about struggling

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In response to “I HEAR STATEFARM IS A SEXY ****. (wary)

Shit, I ACTUALLY forgot to go Anon. ****, I'm stupid. /facepalm

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Everyone thinks mine is Patrick and Spongebob mixed together, but it's not. There was a pink sponge sitting on the table next to me.

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PinkSponge PinkSponge

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ow do you know tat e didn't write on tem with Sarpies?

^^^ Hey look, it turns out h's are important!

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-Shoot everyone in the airport to cancel all flights.
-Steal plane fuel.
-Add banner to the towers that says "NOT world trade center".
-Wipe peanut butter on the plane, so the pilots woul be like "Shit. I can't fly because there's peanut butter on my plane!"
-All of the above

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Serg Serg

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Man, who knew Dr. Seuss was such a G?

****, I ain't want no green eggs and ham.
Move fo' I bust a cap in yo' head, Sam I Am.

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Shugah Shugah

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