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Paul says we are given a new body. It doesn't say of what kind; I think that people would look different than they do on earth

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Joe_Larson Joe_Larson

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that would be really confusing.

"are you my mom? you don't look like her."
"i can't tell, are you my son?"
"idk. Mom! Mom, where are you? I thought we were supposed to be reunited and shit, but now i have know idea who you are. what kind of **** up deal is this?"

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Mrs. Pacman is the biggest prostitute. Just pay her 25 cents and she'll eat balls until she dies

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No, your dreams are generally a distorted form for interpretation of what lies in your subconscious mind.. So, it might mean deeper things. Maybe, there's something you want or need to remember about someone but that you can't, your dreams just try to make things more obvious for you by using weird mechanisms. It really depends of what you've been involved with recently whether physically or mentally.

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Iwannafingeryou Iwannafingeryou

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