So after reading several different articles about the stuff Chris Kyle said to have done, there are so many liberal news sites that claim he was a huge liar, made a ton of stories up and claimed to be more of a hero than he really was. They all back Ventura. All is pretty much speculation. But there are other conservative sites that claim the stories to be true, including quotes from people who verified everything.(police officers, government officials, other seals.) Chris Kyle tells the stories himself. The looter part is confusing, the Ventura part is also. But all in all, I'm taking Chris Kyles side obviously. People can speculate all they want and call him a liar. Maybe he did tell a couple of stories to get a little attention. I don't really know and I don't really care. Here's the fine line. Anyone who is willing to sacrifice so much, be as brave as he was, support and serve others, promote freedom, be a husband, father and a good man. I'll stand by him 100% of the time and I will never stand by an over dramatic no name writer who sits behind a desk all day and calls people out on mistakes they have made in order to make their side of politics seem more correct and the opposite side seem crazy or Ludacris. Chris Kyle, whether he embellished a story or two or not, is the quintessential representation of America or what America should be. Screwing everything else except protecting ourselves, those who can't protect themselves, and promoting freedom and doing whatever it takes to do that. He's a WW2 hero living in a modern, politically perverse world and receives a lot of criticism. But I don't care and I don't think Chris Kyle cares either. He's the man and is an example to follow for all Americans.

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