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I like how you use you're/your a total off three times and you only get one right.

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Norma Norma

In response to “I like how you use you're/your a total off...

I love how you commented on someone's poor grammar, yet failed to realize that the correct word is 'of', not 'off'.

Ah, the hypocrisy.

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Ha, my mum always does crap like that to me. I'll go grocery shopping with her, and we'll have a big trolley of groceries, and then she'll leave to get one thing that she forgot, but she's gone for 20 minutes, and I end up at the cashier, and end up having to pay for it.

She also makes a habit of taking me to the shops with her, and then leaving when she's ready without telling me, driving off without me, so I have to take the bus home.

She swears she doesn't do it on purpose, but I have my doubts.

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In response to “Ha, my mum always does crap like that to me...

Trolley (hehe)
Sorry, I'm American.

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Julian Julian

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For ** sake, if it's that difficult to lift up a toilet seat, SEE A DOCTOR! What next? Are you gonna about how he always leaves the door closed so that your delicate, feminine, god damn fragrant rose hands have to turn an entire knob and pull a WHOLE DOOR open? Shut the up about something so minor. Honestly, you're burning more energy typing this shit here complaining about it than it takes to fix the problem 100 times. Also, do YOU always leave the seat UP for the guys? DIDN'T THINK SO! So how about this. Next time I see your bloody pads or tampons just laying there on top of the garbage, I glue THEM to YOUR face! Sound good? NO?! Then shut the ** hell up about the god damn toilet seat!

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MrRite MrRite

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Destroy them verbally and/or physically because crying uses more calories then smiling.

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soberlikekesha soberlikekesha

In response to “Destroy them verbally and/or physically...

nothing funnier in the world then a whole bunch of fat people crying

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Gays joining just to see naked men wasn't the problem. The problem was other men feeling uncomfortable showering, bunking, etc, with gay men. It would be like 50 women showering with 2 (unattractive) men. The 50 women are obviously going to feel uncomfortable. Same goes with 2 gay men showering with 50 straight men.

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pantherfanatic pantherfanatic

In response to “Gays joining just to see naked men wasn't the...

I like how you point out that the homosexuals in question are unattractive

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polarthebear polarthebear

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I think you should choose carefully who you lose your virginity with. Usually, the best time to do that is with your spouse on your wedding night. Ideally, the first person you have ** with is the only person you have ** with, but most people don't have the self control unfortunately

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Joe_Larson Joe_Larson

In response to “I think you should choose carefully who you...

Or live in a Jane Austen novel.

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also try this one: put the hand of someone who is sleeping in a glass of water and then pee on him!

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newbie newbie

In response to “also try this one: put the hand of someone...

no try this: get a gum wrapper, fold it back up, offer it to somebody, and when they see there's no gum, take their virginity without asking.

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Ross Ross

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Non-Girks: You want to know what the **** a "Girk" is and whether or not you can buy one, amirite?

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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Teacher: Timmy, if you had $20 and asked your dad for $10, how much would you have?
Timmy: $20
Teacher: You don't know your maths!
Timmy: You don't know my dad!

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if you tink of it like tat, ten each amirite user represents scools around america. and yes te key between g and j is broken

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emanxlr8r emanxlr8r

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