in a battle between edward scissorhands and edward cullen... edward scissorhands would win, amirite?

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Huh...Anybody going against Edward Sissorhands would lose.His hands are basically sharp scissors.As far as Edward Cullen, He would lose because in order to kill a "Vampire" (If that's what you want to call them) You have to rip up the body parts and burn them. So, I think Edward Sissorhands has the upper hand when it comes to the "Ripping of the body parts".

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Cullen, being gay, would try to hold Edward's hand, and end up getting hurt. Then he would cry and run away. Edward, being a sympathetic, although artificial, creature, would shed a tear for the harm he had caused. But then he would go cut some hair.

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You are right, but Edward Scissorcrab beats all. His hands are crab claws. Love me...

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and edward just sparkles like a princess

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i hope so... reading the twilight series made me hate edward cullen more

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Duh, his hands are weapons.

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