Post Of The Day

+50 People who communicate in the English language seem to disagree on everything and make societal progress harder than it is, amirite?

by Cheap_Fisherman 1 day ago

+6 Pac-Man is about a colored dot trying to collect his groceries and escaping the klu klux klan, amirite?

by Anonymous 22 minutes ago

-2 Eventually, There will be a space mission where the astronauts will return to Earth at a later date than predicted by decades or maybe even centuries. amirite?

by Ok-Concert 22 minutes ago

+9 If you do things like groan, or intentionally sigh as a sign of disapproval towards someone, you're no better than a non-behaved child. amirite?

by Carmen54 22 minutes ago

+9 We need to create a law to disclose player salaries. amirite?

by Reasonable-Name 22 minutes ago

+20 snapchat is f'n rude as hell, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+15 Saying "this thing sucks" as describing something that is bad is just wrong. amirite?

by PayOk 1 hour ago

+11 Adult life is awesome -- way better than being a kid, amirite?

by Character-Ear-6304 1 hour ago

-9 Skim Milk Tastes the Best, amirite?

by gaylordvelva 1 hour ago

+11 For most people, getting into a relationship with a celebrity is about as likely as getting into a relationship with a fictional character, amirite?

by Stunning-Place-600 1 hour ago

-12 Toast with peanut butter or jelly is considered breakfast food, but PB&J is considered a lunch food. amirite?

by Nharvey 1 hour ago