Post Of The Day

+46 Beds should be right down on the ground, amirite?

by Blowe 1 day ago

-7 Much of the skill in fixing things involves knowing how much force you can use, amirite?

by PriorityPrimary2769 1 hour ago

+3 A conference for agoraphobia must not be popular, amirite?

by Strong_Gas 1 hour ago

+7 Technically speaking, Pac-Man was the first ghostbuster. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+20 Most individual mammals won't know the shape of their own heads because a human will never pet them. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+12 You're not 'phobic' if your fear is rational, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+18 Death is that part of your sleep in which you have no dreams, amirite?

by Adventurous_Gas_1012 1 hour ago

+11 Cola Zero is not healthier than regular one, amirite?

by Superb-Percentage 1 hour ago

+16 Trades people are the most greedy workers ever, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+24 Quite a lot of streamers can destroy a small business or even a person's life if they so wish. amirite?

by Ogleason 2 hours ago

+15 You can divide every number by 50% repeatedly for infinity but it will never ever reach 0, amirite?

by FigureMore 2 hours ago