Post Of The Day

+43 We miss out on so many good channels while channel surfing because we caught them during the commercial break, amirite?

by oriewhite 2 days ago

+14 Tyson Fury is not a good boxer, amirite?

by Quirky-Ad-655 17 minutes ago

+6 JalapeƱos: Fresh > Pickled, amirite?

by Gerholdmaddison 17 minutes ago

-3 Just because a dish it isnt authentic doesnt mean its bad, amirite?

by Anonymous 17 minutes ago

+6 Saying thousands of tens instead of tens of thousands makes you sound like a psychopath. amirite?

by LingonberryOdd 17 minutes ago

-3 Most adults have gotten dressed more times than undressing themselves, amirite?

by Anonymous 20 minutes ago

-1 I hate YouTuber culture, amirite?

by AnyPollution9791 20 minutes ago

+4 There are more Asians playing European musical instruments than there are Europeans playing Asian musical instruments. amirite?

by Anonymous 20 minutes ago

+11 Amazon and Temu are the same. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+13 After evolving from tree-dwelling primates, it's fortunate that humans are able to swim at all. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

-8 Cassie Video Aftermath, amirite?

by Asleep-Sign 1 hour ago