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+29 « What do you bring to the table? » is a legit question, amirite?

by WritingMore4831 1 day ago

+7 Deers are scarier than Wolves, Boar, Bears, Mountain Lions, etc. amirite?

by annetta69 1 minute ago

+19 Everything is All-You-Can-Eat if you're rich enough, amirite?

by Embarrassed_Bike 4 minutes ago

+1 Its completely fine to set "I want a girlfriend" as a personal goal for yourself. amirite?

by Anonymous 7 minutes ago

0 You can be overwhelmed, you can be underwhelmed. You can never just be whelmed. amirite?

by Acceptable-Test 20 minutes ago

+17 Humans figured out throwing meat on a fire thousands of years ago, almost no improvements needed since. amirite?

by IcyRabbit 22 minutes ago

+24 Stages of Feeling Old, amirite?

by Front_Examination621 28 minutes ago

-5 Kirk was much closer to the crew than all the other captains, amirite?

by Anonymous 38 minutes ago

-1 Insulted by childish names vs. Common insults, amirite?

by Anonymous 56 minutes ago

-3 The slug janitor in Monsters Inc. is Sisyphus, amirite?

by mgraham 1 hour ago

+10 Illiteracy is pretty hard to spell. amirite?

by minnie50 1 hour ago