Post Of The Day

+12 Outro is short for outroduction, amirite?

by Anonymous 23 hours ago

+18 Online dating in the Star Wars galaxy is weird as F, amirite?

by Due_Classic 4 minutes ago

+11 People who want to "opt out" of Social Security or disband it inherently fail to understand its purpose, amirite?

by Anonymous 10 minutes ago

+3 The first chef might have preceded the advent of cookery, amirite?

by johnsonedyth 11 minutes ago

-11 Someone out there is trying to find you, amirite?

by Anonymous 18 minutes ago

+11 Johnny Cash's Hurt is not better than the original, amirite?

by hstokes 20 minutes ago

+3 Fiction book writers shouldn't be treated like if they saved humanity, amirite?

by Anonymous 41 minutes ago

+8 The resident evil games just aren't good besides revelations/4/7/8, amirite?

by vida60 54 minutes ago

+27 Smartphones have put an end to people keeping pictures in their wallets. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+12 Lettuce on a fast food burger is disgusting, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+5 The biggest impact AI will have on our society will not be automation but instead will be the cultural shift that results from everyone on earth knowing the meaning of life, which is to create the singularity that simulates the universe itself. amirite?

by ValuableArmadillo989 1 hour ago