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+29 « What do you bring to the table? » is a legit question, amirite?

by WritingMore4831 1 day ago

+6 Really apathetic towards animals... amirite?

by Anonymous 15 minutes ago

-2 Using less laundry detergent is in fact better, amirite?

by naltenwerth 23 minutes ago

+29 Debate, Logic, and critical thinking classes should be required in highschool. amirite?

by zhyatt 34 minutes ago

+12 Boiling hotdogs is the greatest way to cook them, amirite?

by Anonymous 40 minutes ago

+1 Fertility treatments are unethical, amirite?

by Anonymous 47 minutes ago

+22 Rats in very ancient cities like Rome or Istanbul might be direct descendants of the rats who lived there 2000 years ago during the Roman Empire, amirite?

by Anonymous 51 minutes ago

+5 Men and women dont owe each other empathy, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+12 Humans would be better off without pets, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+8 Historical facts have a very wierd rabbit hole of verification just to be not considered agreed scholarly opinion of interpretation. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+13 Games with well-known actors ruin immersion, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago