Post Of The Day

+54 Japan isn't some holy land internet hypes up to be, amirite?

by Content_Actuator_340 1 day ago

+7 Mist is inverted carbonated water. amirite?

by Wise-Shower 3 minutes ago

+3 At one point someone will hold the last helium ballon, amirite?

by ServiceFull 3 minutes ago

+6 Tarantino was a good in his role in Pulp Fiction, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 minutes ago

+5 It's weird how women haven't evolved to control their menstrual cycle in eons. amirite?

by Nyasiadare 3 minutes ago

+5 Our understanding of the universe has exceeded the ability of the average person to understand anything completely without specialization in study, amirite?

by Anonymous 15 minutes ago

+1 Sleeping is a really long blink, amirite?

by brianne35 15 minutes ago

+8 You're unique, just like everyone else. amirite?

by Anonymous 15 minutes ago

+6 In most (if not all) of romance movies where a girl dropped her handkerchief, we've never really seen her using said handkerchief. amirite?

by Kylie52 15 minutes ago

+13 People who buy "fun" cars that are inefficient need to be shamed more, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+14 Most people who hated social media initially were right

by Anonymous 1 hour ago