Post Of The Day

+18 People should be allowed to express their views, amirite?

by windlerrosemari 1 day ago

+1 I think that the medical community has a higher concentration of narcissists and sociopaths than other industries, amirite?

by Anonymous 14 minutes ago

+1 Meritocracy is an illusion, amirite?

by Anonymous 16 minutes ago

+4 Alcohol is considered a poison, a drug, causes around 31% of car crashes, and can increase your chances of heart attacks and strokes. Yet people still drink it on the regular. amirite?

by jordynschaefer 25 minutes ago

+24 The Fancier Mac and Cheese Always Tastes Worse Than Regular Creamy Mac and Cheese, amirite?

by uptonjermey 41 minutes ago

+2 People on social welfare should volunteer, amirite?

by Amaya48 49 minutes ago

+20 You don't need glasses if you can see clearly without them. amirite?

by AncientInitial7682 1 hour ago

+20 One day you will meet the last person you will ever meet. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+18 Saying "it's giving _" is unbearably annoying, amirite?

by aruecker 1 hour ago

-9 Everyone is constantly littering skin cells, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+6 Kitboga vids are just a bunch of skits, amirite?

by Viviannelockman 1 hour ago