Post Of The Day

+20 AI is about as intelligent as social media is social, amirite?

by Overall_Buyer 2 days ago

-3 Superheros shouldn't be so muscular, if they are indestructible. Muscles need to be damaged before they grow, amirite?

by Aggravating-Alps 3 minutes ago

+13 A lot of people daydream about living in a fancy house from a desk in a fancy office building. amirite?

by Fluffy-Weakness 6 minutes ago

+23 I actually enjoy the interruption of TV commercials while watching TV, amirite?

by Hayesassunta 7 minutes ago

+7 A oddly big amount of tv shows in the 2000s taught people what an aglet is, amirite?

by Curious-Lie-9320 21 minutes ago

+26 Icecream is better in the winter, amirite?

by Commercial_Tough3606 48 minutes ago

+6 If you're an 'adult' who doesn't eat vegetables by choice, you're just a tall child. amirite?

by Anonymous 48 minutes ago

+19 Sour cream. It's disgusting, amirite?

by Anonymous 54 minutes ago

+23 It's impossible for Leap Day to be the first day that you can legally drink on, amirite?

by Mountain-Calendar774 58 minutes ago

+12 Salty food increase chances of canker sores. Yet salty water helps heal them. amirite?

by Left-Ninja5441 1 hour ago

+9 Every car on the road is a delivery vehicle. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago