Post Of The Day

-56 Demotivational stuff is more popular than motivational ever was, amirite?

by Anonymous 12 hours ago

+11 The Skywalkers are kind of like the Kennedies, amirite?

by Anonymous 55 minutes ago

+11 Beds should be right down on the ground, amirite?

by Blowe 55 minutes ago

-2 The belly button is a scar we all share, amirite?

by Reneequigley 55 minutes ago

-9 Men and women (and children) should be required to wear a burqa in public. amirite?

by cortney11 55 minutes ago

+11 Zack Snyder Movies are Unbearable and the Special Effects Aren't Even That Good, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

-9 I Don't Think Fictional Romances Need to be "Safe" or "Realistic", amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

+11 Speed Limit is almost always treated as a Speed Floor. amirite?

by wunschjosianne 2 hours ago

+16 You cannot logic someone out of a position they didn't logic themselves into. amirite?

by Automatic-Coat-607 2 hours ago

+11 Drunken Consent is Consent, amirite?

by Character-Bend 2 hours ago

+12 I Do Not Like Baja Blast, amirite?

by beverly73 2 hours ago