Post Of The Day

+27 Only bilingual people truly know how terrible Google translate is, amirite?

by Anonymous 7 hours ago

-1 The Les Twins cannot dance, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 minute ago

+5 After a certain point people learn that the need to wear glasses is genetic as opposed to horrible screen habits. amirite?

by Sea_Dragonfruit6800 32 minutes ago

+3 For all the talk of it being a common trope, there really aren't any popular stories about a knight going on an adventure to rescue a princess from a dragon. amirite?

by Anonymous 33 minutes ago

+11 No one will ever go down in history for blowing up the world, amirite?

by No-Strawberry 41 minutes ago

+25 With birth rate higher than the death rate, not every birth can be a reincarnation of another person. amirite?

by Connect-Occasion4074 45 minutes ago

+3 There are two things that can explain a lot of things that doesn't make sense in a person's behavior. Money and Blackmail. amirite?

by jewelfriesen 50 minutes ago

+4 Ben Simmons is not washed, amirite?

by Anonymous 52 minutes ago

+3 The closer you are to the lowest IQ, the less likely you are to be a violent person. amirite?

by Mohralbert 1 hour ago

+2 A soft h is the only letter that doesn't require tongue movements to make a sound. amirite?

by bdavis 1 hour ago

+17 Nature doesn't care how beautiful it is, amirite?

by Verlieweber 1 hour ago