Post Of The Day

+28 You rarely see a user review for jails, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 day ago

+9 "I'm sorry you feel that way" is sometimes the most appropriate response, amirite?

by NeedleworkerOk1865 35 minutes ago

-2 The "shotgun"(passenger seat beside driver) SUCKS ASS AS A SEAT. amirite?

by DecisionPurple 35 minutes ago

+7 Superficial virtue/the kids in Africa, amirite?

by Anonymous 42 minutes ago

+6 Handmade products are worth your money more than mass produced products or products from big brands, amirite?

by Typical_Bat 42 minutes ago

+11 AI is perfect for trauma dumping no matter how long it has known you for, amirite?

by Leuschkedonnie 1 hour ago

-6 Going to a theme park if you don't like going on rides seems dumb, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+18 Life is boring when you don't have anything to look forward to, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

+13 Wars abroad are usually good, amirite?

by Conscious-Fish-6023 2 hours ago

+26 Pets are the grownups' version of having teddies, amirite?

by Handmegane 2 hours ago

+14 It's ok to think you are better than others. amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago