Post Of The Day

+17 Trump will most likely win solely because he can articulate a thought faster than Biden can say, "President Putin," amirite?

by Anonymous 3 days ago

-7 Leaving a lot to the imagination is often much more arousing than leaving little to the imagination. amirite?

by Anonymous 36 minutes ago

-8 Computer ability should be a much bigger factor in hiring for computer-centric jobs. amirite?

by Personal-Feeling 1 hour ago

+14 Celebrities' DMs are the biggest cesspool we'll never get to see. amirite?

by FriendshipFun 1 hour ago

-4 People are more comfortable pointing out the physical flaws of good looking people. amirite?

by Huge-Fish2028 1 hour ago

-13 Saying "it's not that deep" is an extremely lazy attempt to just shut down a conversation and try to side step criticism. amirite?

by switting 1 hour ago

+13 The picture of the bullet is also glass from the teleprompter orbiting it. amirite?

by Busy-Professor 1 hour ago

+9 "Pretentious" is a silly criticism of art, amirite?

by National_Accident351 1 hour ago

+12 Significant Other is a legitimately great album, amirite?

by Dull-Improvement-549 1 hour ago

+15 Most likely, the baha men let the dogs out. After all, they had the most to gain. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+5 People for some reason care more about grown men having their mothers do things for them than grown women having their fathers do something for them. amirite?

by Efficient_Skill 1 hour ago