Post Of The Day

+39 People over 6ft are very lucky they made the average door taller than the average human, amirite?

by Western_Resist7409 1 day ago

+1 We should bring back public hangings for YouTubers who film pranks in public. amirite?

by Anonymous 27 minutes ago

+6 Dark energy/Dark matter likely not real. amirite?

by Anonymous 27 minutes ago

-7 Lens flairs went from being a photography mistake, to being added in digitally for effect. amirite?

by JellyfishFabulous 35 minutes ago

+10 Dogs have a concept of property, amirite?

by Background-Pipe-2255 35 minutes ago

+11 I like parallel parking, amirite?

by Anonymous 55 minutes ago

+11 Dipping Oreos in Milk is horrible and ruins the Oreo, amirite?

by Classic-Age 55 minutes ago

-10 Many major decisions involves arbitrary numbers that comes out of thin air, amirite?

by Short-Measurement 1 hour ago

+14 Eating out at a restaurant is a bad experience and not worth the money anymore like it used to be, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+8 Boogers are human sap, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+5 Procreation is immoral because you cannot create people for their own sake. amirite?

by Pamelawuckert 1 hour ago