Post Of The Day

+16 People should be allowed to express their views, amirite?

by windlerrosemari 11 hours ago

+2 Cyborgs with AI/human brain hybrids and mostly human bodies will soon be more common than cyborgs with human brains and machine bodies. amirite?

by Anonymous 3 minutes ago

+7 The brain capable of understanding advanced math science and philosophical concepts evolved thousands of years before we actually discovered those things, amirite?

by jonescyril 18 minutes ago

+6 our eyes are pretty good gyroscopes. amirite?

by Substantial-End 23 minutes ago

+10 I'm happy that Kevin Hart plays Roland in the Borderlands movie, amirite?

by nstark 28 minutes ago

+8 Never trust a person who doesn't have a belly button. amirite?

by Mthiel 43 minutes ago

+3 Anthropology survey (for 18+) amirite?

by hilariovandervo 48 minutes ago

+22 Concerts start too late, amirite?

by Anonymous 51 minutes ago

+22 We're not supposed to feed wildlife, but apparently bird feeders are okay. amirite?

by fharris 57 minutes ago

+3 Speed Limits are about 10 miles too slow almost everywhere, amirite?

by pfefferadrienne 59 minutes ago

+10 I would much rather watch the Netflix version of Avatar: TLAB than the original cartoon one. It's just, superior. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago