Post Of The Day

+15 teachers are being dismissive and undermining the damage public schools can do, amirite?

by Top_Medicine 1 day ago

-4 Raccoons are cute as hell, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 minutes ago

+10 Halogens are good enough, amirite?

by Few-Bus8281 5 minutes ago

+13 Someday Taylor Swift will be old and wierd looking like Madonna. amirite?

by Anonymous 38 minutes ago

+18 Flying cars sound hella dumb, amirite?

by Wbuckridge 41 minutes ago

+23 Looking young is not a blessing, amirite?

by Anonymous 46 minutes ago

+12 People should learn to sleep standing up like elephants. amirite?

by Anonymous 57 minutes ago

+8 Every guardians of the galaxy movie has peter almost freeze to death in space, amirite?

by Neither-Airport 57 minutes ago

+9 Japanese games are NOT better than western games. amirite?

by ArtichokeNo6886 59 minutes ago

+2 The likelihood of your genetic combination is next to zero just taking the sperm race of you, your parents and all your ancestors into account. amirite?

by phoebe00 1 hour ago

+23 Most of society's rules punish the competent for the incompetent's mistakes, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago