Post Of The Day

+15 teachers are being dismissive and undermining the damage public schools can do, amirite?

by Top_Medicine 1 day ago

+20 There's no fun till someone dies. amirite?

by Anonymous 15 minutes ago

+7 The more money you make, the more taxes you pay. amirite?

by Anonymous 20 minutes ago

+30 You don't get to choose the memories you remember. amirite?

by Sienna24 20 minutes ago

+17 All history books are propaganda for the country that wrote them, amirite?

by Internal-Flamingo888 31 minutes ago

+13 If you're over 30 and celebrate your birthday more than onceā€¦, amirite?

by franciscasimoni 37 minutes ago

+21 The Halo TV Show is Good, amirite?

by Anonymous 53 minutes ago

+15 The Hunter paradox may be a relic of when we were hunters and used to exhaust animals to hunt them, amirite?

by Ill_Quarter 56 minutes ago

+29 I hate pigeons and every single thing about them, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+23 F1 Racing is the grown up version of go-kart racing, amirite?

by reidkuphal 1 hour ago

+12 I don't like Timothy Chalomet in Dune, amirite?

by AnimatorNew9472 1 hour ago