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+16 teachers are being dismissive and undermining the damage public schools can do, amirite?

by Top_Medicine 1 day ago

+29 Cleaner you eat n exercise less your pooh smells, amirite?

by Sea-Yesterday 1 minute ago

+16 You are limited to a finite number of breaths. amirite?

by Anonymous 3 minutes ago

-3 dreams are non-canon events, amirite?

by Anonymous 10 minutes ago

+7 You can play GTA in Apple vision Pro by removing it, amirite?

by Anonymous 19 minutes ago

+12 The promotion and relegation system has no benefit to football and is in fact a loss. amirite?

by Anonymous 23 minutes ago

+22 Dune: I don't like any of the characters. amirite?

by Anonymous 25 minutes ago

+23 The massive spike in self-diagnosed neurodiversity is harmful to genuinely neurodiverse individuals. amirite?

by Terencejohnson 55 minutes ago

-5 We were all present for the big bang, amirite?

by Leiflang 1 hour ago

-1 USB Type C becoming standard doesn't completely reduce the number of cables you need to use. amirite?

by Cbeahan 1 hour ago

+13 Tiny spiders are the kittens of the insect world. amirite?

by Delicious_Table_7794 1 hour ago