Post Of The Day

+22 Scars and face marks will be the only way we can tell apart ai images of our loved ones soon, amirite?

by Lost_Artichoke 1 day ago

+27 True privilege is being raised by two loving, mentally stable parents. amirite?

by wymanlou 4 minutes ago

+28 Some of blood in your brain was in your ass minutes ago, amirite?

by Anonymous 4 minutes ago

+17 Day old, cold fast-food pizza is better than fresh, hot fast-food pizza, amirite?

by Anonymous 5 minutes ago

+11 You should only be allowed to like or dislike something when you've watched it fully once, amirite?

by Turbulent-Lettuce 18 minutes ago

+20 Carrying around binoculars makes you automatically suspicious. amirite?

by Ysporer 26 minutes ago

-8 On average, each side of a standard die has 3.5 dots, amirite?

by Anonymous 30 minutes ago

+25 The times you get told you're an adult the most are when someone thinks you're being really childish, amirite?

by Anonymous 42 minutes ago

+8 Male animals sparring for dominance and mating rights must have a understanding of how-to spar, otherwise a muskox can just fake a headbutt and full-on gore his opponent in his side or flank instead, amirite?

by Anonymous 47 minutes ago

+5 Walmart Is A Better Online Shopping Experience than Amazon, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+8 In the word 'two', the o is the silent letter. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago