Post Of The Day

+17 teachers are being dismissive and undermining the damage public schools can do, amirite?

by Top_Medicine 1 day ago

+17 The present is the future of the past and it also is the past of the future. amirite?

by Anonymous 15 minutes ago

+17 Michael Westen is a better spy than James Bond. amirite?

by Kittykilback 15 minutes ago

0 It's not Jock Itch, it's Athlete's Junk, amirite?

by Anonymous 18 minutes ago

+13 More people grow up socially awkward due to the increased internet use. amirite?

by Late_Picture 22 minutes ago

+9 High heels are ugly and impractical, and converse shoes and sneakers look way better, amirite?

by gmante 39 minutes ago

+12 25 seems like way more of an even number than 24 or 26. amirite?

by ebraun 57 minutes ago

+17 It's possible to add odd numbers to make an even number but impossible to add even numbers to make an odd number, amirite?

by Easy_Stay 1 hour ago

-6 Flipper was just Lassie for salt life people, amirite?

by Gradybatz 1 hour ago

+18 Avacado is Vegan Lard, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

-5 Zoos and aquariums aren't just for children, amirite?

by Objective_Career_810 1 hour ago