Post Of The Day

-1 We need more movies like Madame Web, amirite?

by Jaded-Ad 16 hours ago

+15 When we invent real AI there will be digital uber drivers, amirite?

by Eden45 4 minutes ago

+5 The land of Polyamory is filled with Douchebags, amirite?

by Serious-Seaweed 13 minutes ago

+9 The larger flush button on toilets should be for urine, amirite?

by Anonymous 16 minutes ago

+18 Negotiating is dying/dead in the age of algorithms. amirite?

by Alternative-Read 32 minutes ago

-4 Humans are absolutely mildly psychic and it should be more established as fact, amirite?

by Anonymous 37 minutes ago

+13 Homeschooled kids aren't always weird, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+18 People who say they'd hire an illegal over an American with criminal record are really stupid, amirite?

by Anahi83 1 hour ago

+3 We live in a society where we glamorize childhood where one does not have many personal liberties and downplay middle age where one has freedoms and financial stability, amirite?

by DramaticPassion 1 hour ago

+5 The word 'sassy' sounds very sassy. amirite?

by kraigsanford 1 hour ago

+9 Before cars gained popularity, drunk horse riders were a problem, amirite?

by Katelynneffertz 1 hour ago