Post Of The Day

+45 Russell Crowe is MUCH hotter now than when he was younger. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 day ago

+9 2019 to 2024 felt way faster than 2014 to 2019, amirite?

by No_Play_9187 17 minutes ago

+9 The popularity of the word swag has declined over the years. amirite?

by Fbosco 17 minutes ago

0 Tabasco is closer to being fruit juice than SunnyD is, amirite?

by myles05 17 minutes ago

+15 dont get a bird feeder if you're not also okay with feeding squirrels, amirite?

by zakary85 1 hour ago

+6 Working for a big corporation is actually great and I'm tired of pretending it's not. amirite?

by SilverCandle 1 hour ago

+20 It's interesting how uncommon lessons on the operation of fire extinguishers are, considering their importance in urgent situations, amirite?

by Ok_Economics 1 hour ago

+10 The plot of most movies and TV series episodes, hinge around someone being unreasonable. amirite?

by xcruickshank 1 hour ago

+8 Being with a sober partner is less fun than being with a person who is a social drinker. amirite?

by Sufficient-Trick2611 1 hour ago

+13 Your only one viral video away from being rich. amirite?

by Ferne79 1 hour ago

+14 Its normal to be lonely with no friends, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago