Post Of The Day

+11 Exile is almost never used as a punishment for crime anymore, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 day ago

+25 The Star Wars sequels are as fun as the rest of them, amirite?

by Milogleason 5 minutes ago

+21 Bagels overflowing with cream cheese and lox are worse, amirite?

by perry85 10 minutes ago

+4 There are people in the world who earn a living designing and making piƱatas. amirite?

by Anonymous 17 minutes ago

+12 They talk about the tobacco companies conspiring to get people addicted to their products, but it is really the plant itself pulling the strings, amirite?

by ConfidentProperty833 45 minutes ago

+10 Wisdom does not come with age, amirite?

by Anahi91 46 minutes ago

+4 People will never see the hard work you put in, only the mistakes you leave behind, amirite?

by Serious-Ad 58 minutes ago

+31 The true difference between a hero and a mall cop is patella armor. amirite?

by Kristoferhayes 1 hour ago

+8 The older I get, the more I realize, most adults are not actually adults. amirite?

by AlternativeLow 1 hour ago

+1 Andor is the best Star Wars by a country mile, amirite?

by Greedy_Display 1 hour ago

+4 Cold food is better warm and hot food is better luke warm or cold. amirite?

by easterlangosh 1 hour ago