Post Of The Day

+2 You shouldn't get married to someone who isn't in the same line of work, amirite?

by danieljamey 17 hours ago

+10 Bars draw boring people, amirite?

by AardvarkObjective860 8 minutes ago

+4 50% of marriages end in divorce..meaning the other half end in death, amirite?

by HoneydewTop 8 minutes ago

+10 Children in the backseat might cause accidents, accidents in the backseat might cause children, amirite?

by Anonymous 16 minutes ago

-9 People get upset when they find out an article is written by AI regardless of the quality, amirite?

by Ibernier 16 minutes ago

-2 Pop Up Video was like an original Google-as-you-watch experience. amirite?

by Anonymous 21 minutes ago

+15 You have the power on how strange everyone's day can be, amirite?

by Anonymous 35 minutes ago

+4 Good coffee is better than good tea, but bad tea is better than bad coffee, amirite?

by Famous-Ad 38 minutes ago

+26 Mediocre battery life is completely fine. amirite?

by ggerhold 51 minutes ago

+10 Prenuptial agreements should be automatically applied in every marriage contract, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+6 Using your phone in the bathroom messes up your creative thinking because it takes away from the peaceful quiet time you have there by yourself. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago