Post Of The Day

+22 Scars and face marks will be the only way we can tell apart ai images of our loved ones soon, amirite?

by Lost_Artichoke 8 hours ago

+4 If you cheat on your husband/wife, assets should be split 70:30, not 50:50, amirite?

by Mysterious-Trash 17 minutes ago

+8 You always survive a fall regardless of the height; it's the impact at the end that does the damage. amirite?

by Anonymous 18 minutes ago

+23 Nuclear energy for net zero, amirite?

by Ricekimberly 23 minutes ago

+24 Every kid come from a couple but not every couple make a kid, amirite?

by Anonymous 33 minutes ago

+24 While it's seamless to connect numerous controllers to a PC, the idea of linking multiple mice seems utterly nonsensical. amirite?

by FunSafe 35 minutes ago

+25 Phone books are obsolete and we don't have an alternative. amirite?

by Wtorp 1 hour ago

-3 Slivers in your dominant hand are an evolutionary flaw, amirite?

by Low-Election 1 hour ago

+18 Every moment you don't play an instrument, you are playing every song that doesn't have that instrument in it, amirite?

by Pgreen 1 hour ago

-4 Going swimming is trying not to drown for fun. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+23 The Walking Dead is good BECAUSE it didn't just revolve around Zombies, amirite?

by Schimmelstacy 1 hour ago