Post Of The Day

-29 Filet-O-Fish is the best menu item at McDonald's, amirite?

by providenci70 19 hours ago

+7 Public Soda fountains were cool and they should be brought back. amirite?

by carissastoltenb 12 minutes ago

-1 Sell this site, amirite?

by Nolaschoen 12 minutes ago

-1 Don't message me when you arrive, do it a few minutes ahead, so I can be ready to meet you. amirite?

by Anonymous 30 minutes ago

-5 Love means dying for who you love, change my mind, amirite?

by Anonymous 30 minutes ago

-5 Some people live many years of their lives without touching a rock or any soils. amirite?

by Anonymous 30 minutes ago

+4 If you give someone a hickey, you're insecure, amirite?

by Anonymous 30 minutes ago

+5 The lower you let your fuel tank go before filling up, the better your fuel economy is. amirite?

by Big_Lawfulness_7546 2 hours ago

+7 people who leave their curtains/blinds open are freaks and shouldn't be surprised when people are looking in. amirite?

by alvertarunolfss 2 hours ago

+8 You never hear someone calling an indie fps game a doomhalo, amirite?

by saige99 2 hours ago

-9 The internet has us all simultaneously doubting the nature of our reality, collectively failing the Turing test. amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago