Post Of The Day

+17 teachers are being dismissive and undermining the damage public schools can do, amirite?

by Top_Medicine 1 day ago

+5 Ordering doordash from 2 different restaurants and gorging on food is better than boozing and getting an escort. amirite?

by cbednar 2 minutes ago

0 There needs to be a one bun burger. amirite?

by Borerdaija 5 minutes ago

+21 Most people don't exist yet. amirite?

by Gerlachjody 15 minutes ago

+17 It's actually much easier to get into college than trade schools, amirite?

by conroylowell 28 minutes ago

+21 Most people complain online because they have no impact in the real world. amirite?

by Anonymous 43 minutes ago

+6 Bean bag chairs are boneless sofas, amirite?

by Anonymous 55 minutes ago

+12 0.999... is an integer. amirite?

by Fantastic_Baby4117 1 hour ago

+18 Collecting Funkin Pops is the most boring hobby in the world. amirite?

by Sea-Astronomer 1 hour ago

+12 Going on dates to fancy restaurants must be terrible for people who are self conscious about their choice of sparkling or still water, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+6 When you reverse a Front wheel drive car, it can be seen as a Rear Wheel drive car, amirite?

by TrickProfessional542 1 hour ago