Post Of The Day

+27 The concept of "bettering yourself" has become extremely superficial, amirite?

by Dbayer 1 day ago

+8 Rats are adorable, amirite?

by Few-Concentrate-5593 10 minutes ago

+9 You probably have no solid proof that you aren't living in a version of "The Truman Show". amirite?

by Anonymous 10 minutes ago

+4 People in tech want to be seen like public figures and celebrities so bad, amirite?

by Scared-Lemon477 10 minutes ago

+1 The average music fan these days likely knows the words to many more songs than celebrated singers, troubadours, and minstrels from previous eras. amirite?

by Anonymous 10 minutes ago

+9 Being yourself doesnt exist anymore, amirite?

by Ok_Assignment 10 minutes ago

+12 Professors using PowerPoint presentation slides to "teach" need to be fired. amirite?

by Ldouglas 51 minutes ago

+12 All sea otters are supported underwater by part-time workers. In fact, there isn't a single sea otter in the wild that can float on its own. amirite?

by clevelandcassin 51 minutes ago

+7 Good that he was anyway wearing a diaper. amirite?

by Fhane 51 minutes ago

+9 Suits are very unattractive, amirite?

by Sally01 51 minutes ago

+6 Most generalisations aren't actually wrong, amirite?

by Anonymous 51 minutes ago