Post Of The Day

+26 Plain Stainless steel jewelry is better than iced out jewelry, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 months ago

+8 Petty crimes should not be considered crime, amirite?

by Powerful_Ad 1 hour ago

+1 Neurodivergent people comunicate more clearly than Neuronormatives, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+13 Talkative/outgoing people get told to shut up and talk less too, and it's disturbing, just as when reserved/quiet people are told to speak up more, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+17 The current trend where people are almost fainting after tasting the meal they just cooked is super annoying, amirite?

by Useful-Average7022 1 hour ago

+11 Because of the ability to freeze sperm and eggs, there will be a child in the future born after their parents death. amirite?

by Joanny19 1 hour ago

-5 regarding migration: once the climate change is in its full swing, everything we see in europe now will pale in comparison to what we will witness then. saving the climate will control migration, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

+12 Men with high sexual drive are more successful in life. amirite?

by ottislittle 2 hours ago

+17 The entire lore of the Sonic universe is terrible, amirite?

by Regular-Memory929 2 hours ago

+12 Unpainted plastic bumpers on cars must turn back. amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

+20 Tea sets and tea cosies are artefacts of a lost human ritual, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago