Post Of The Day

+26 Plain Stainless steel jewelry is better than iced out jewelry, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 months ago

+10 Frozen pizza always takes longer to bake than the instructions, amirite?

by Majestic_Push_996 29 minutes ago

+7 BKS sweet and sour is better than mcds 100%, amirite?

by Anonymous 29 minutes ago

+9 Dopamine is a farmable resource. amirite?

by Educational_Arm4973 29 minutes ago

-6 Dippin Dots are inferior to other forms of ice cream, amirite?

by Anonymous 29 minutes ago

+10 Ranch will never be better, amirite?

by Anonymous 29 minutes ago

-7 Touch is the only sense that isn't localized entirely to the head, amirite?

by No_Appearance_7471 1 hour ago

+16 A dream of a life situation can actually help prepare for the situation in real life. amirite?

by Even-Syllabub6333 1 hour ago

+15 Martial arts should be part of a PE curriculum in schools. amirite?

by Yturcotte 1 hour ago

+7 YouTube and other social media platforms have descended into a cesspool of brainrot and fear mongering propaganda. amirite?

by rogelioparker 1 hour ago

-9 The most unskilled drivers are driving the biggest and fastest cars, amirite?

by Educational-Muffin 1 hour ago