Post Of The Day

+54 Japan isn't some holy land internet hypes up to be, amirite?

by Content_Actuator_340 1 day ago

+10 As TVs are getting bigger, more video games are losing the ability to play splitscreen games. amirite?

by Anonymous 47 minutes ago

+8 Adults shouldn't play teenagers on tv shows/movies, amirite?

by Alternative_Jump_776 48 minutes ago

+10 At some point, everyone knows the sensation of dying, yet no one who experiences it survives to describe the feeling, amirite?

by Rare-Caterpillar 57 minutes ago

+9 Attractive people on dating sites get a ton of attention, despite their very existence being a massive red flag, amirite?

by Gwendolyn34 57 minutes ago

+15 Lions are referred to as the king of the jungle but don't live in jungles, amirite?

by willkatelin 1 hour ago

-13 It's unreasonable to expect people to intervene in a crime being committed in front of them. amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

+12 The more a sex worker removes the more they are paid. amirite?

by Routine-Community 2 hours ago

+25 Dying between 90-95 gets the least reaction, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

+15 Mist is inverted carbonated water. amirite?

by Wise-Shower 3 hours ago

+11 At one point someone will hold the last helium ballon, amirite?

by ServiceFull 3 hours ago