Post Of The Day

+27 Only bilingual people truly know how terrible Google translate is, amirite?

by Anonymous 11 hours ago

+14 Everyone in the house touches their toothbrush to the tip of the toothpaste, amirite?

by Anonymous 19 minutes ago

+5 Baby Monkeys have beards, amirite?

by Tcremin 30 minutes ago

+6 People with bad eyesight have a built in blurring filter, amirite?

by Anonymous 31 minutes ago

+10 Every part of your body has a different sweat smell, amirite?

by Anonymous 47 minutes ago

+7 In 20 years bars and casinos will smell like cotton candy and strawberry instead of cigarettes. amirite?

by Anonymous 49 minutes ago

+1 Driving in a car is better than sitting with strangers on public transit. amirite?

by Anonymous 53 minutes ago

+18 You can live an entire lifetime without eating a coelacanth. amirite?

by Queasy-Answer-7024 1 hour ago

+6 Mascarpone is a more expensive crappy version of cream cheese. amirite?

by gretchenreicher 1 hour ago

-2 No one wants to see you jog, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+21 Jails should be more humane, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago