Post Of The Day

+15 People should be allowed to express their views, amirite?

by windlerrosemari 6 hours ago

+9 People are much more likely to drive too closely to the car in front than walk too closely to the pedestrian in front, amirite?

by Anonymous 10 minutes ago

+14 Cities/factories looks better than countrysides. amirite?

by Anonymous 11 minutes ago

+24 Alternating caps, AKA studly caps or sticky caps - "aLtErNaTiNg cApS", "sTuDlY cApS" or "sTiCKy CaPs" as a form of mockery is unfunny and shows a lack of intelligence by the responder. amirite?

by Kuhlmanmaiya 17 minutes ago

-5 We all collectively decided that raising your middle finger is rude but raising the others is alright.

by OtherwiseDistance 23 minutes ago

-5 Eating the same meal multiple times a week, amirite?

by Constant_Doctor_2533 29 minutes ago

+25 People that hate cats & love dogs are gross. amirite?

by Anonymous 33 minutes ago

+9 People who read To Kill a Mockingbird and encourage jury nullification seem to miss that what happened to Tom Robinson was jury nullification, amirite?

by Anonymous 55 minutes ago

+8 Some people will spend a lot of money to wear someone else's work uniform. amirite?

by Abigayle88 1 hour ago

+26 I find snails and slugs to be kind of adorable. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+16 People who are salaried are working for free one day each leap year. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago