Post Of The Day

+18 AI is about as intelligent as social media is social, amirite?

by Overall_Buyer 1 day ago

-1 hexagon canvases are better for setup aesthetics than acoustic panels, amirite?

by Anonymous 4 minutes ago

+15 On Feb 29th salary workers work for free, amirite?

by Anonymous 17 minutes ago

+10 ‘Quiet quitting' is an acceptable standard for working if you're in a job with no opportunity for advancement. amirite?

by Anonymous 27 minutes ago

-6 The easiest way to know if you're ugly or attractive is to go on sites like Omegle, the people there will definitely let you know without even the need to ask them. amirite?

by Anonymous 38 minutes ago

-10 "Aesthetics" from the past is cringe, amirite?

by Anonymous 49 minutes ago

-8 Someday AI may create a Captcha to keep humans out, amirite?

by Deckowkeanu 50 minutes ago

+23 Staying shredded year round is healthy, amirite?

by Anonymous 50 minutes ago

+10 My boyfriend bangs other women and i don't care, amirite?

by ComprehensiveRich999 51 minutes ago

-4 Movie Theaters are not worth the hype they get. amirite?

by Anonymous 51 minutes ago

-9 There is a great case to be made for taking steroids, amirite?

by Anonymous 52 minutes ago