Post Of The Day

+46 Russell Crowe is MUCH hotter now than when he was younger. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 day ago

+4 Empire strikes back is boring, amirite?

by Titusrobel 9 minutes ago

+8 Advertisements are the shallowest form of "art", amirite?

by Anonymous 9 minutes ago

+4 Born a girl? Then you are a girl? Born a boy? Same, amirite?

by Rich_Explanation_804 9 minutes ago

+6 This cookie cutter - esque format and pacing of many current TV shows is underwhelming, amirite?

by Anonymous 9 minutes ago

+13 Most dogs spend their entire lives waiting to protect you from something that never comes. amirite?

by Raujeromy 44 minutes ago

-1 Being unable to get irony is one thing, but not even suspecting it is quite another, amirite?

by Anonymous 44 minutes ago

-3 Walking away from a confrontation is not "weakness", amirite?

by Anonymous 44 minutes ago

+7 Cunnilingus is better than PIV sex. amirite?

by Due-Strike-40 44 minutes ago

-9 A lot of humanity's progress has been driven by wanting to have better tasting food. amirite?

by Spiritual-Garlic2492 1 hour ago

+13 Some living being on earth was the first to experience self awareness, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago