Post Of The Day

+43 We miss out on so many good channels while channel surfing because we caught them during the commercial break, amirite?

by oriewhite 2 days ago

-3 Paralysis is the body's version of procrastination, amirite?

by Augustaheathcot 29 minutes ago

+8 Opinionated people are likely not smart, amirite?

by Darien01 29 minutes ago

+9 Selling crypto for USD is hypocritical to the premise of crypto existing in the first place, amirite?

by Anonymous 29 minutes ago

+7 Sensodyne toothpaste users are brainwashed, amirite?

by Anonymous 29 minutes ago

+17 Carlin might be insufferable if he were still alive. amirite?

by Fantastic-Fox-7818 1 hour ago

+10 Before the internet kangaroos seemed sweet and goofy with a precious mom-way of carrying the babes around, but on the internet kangaroos seem like freakish terrors that will whip your ass, your kid's ass, and your dog's ass. amirite?

by bschuster 1 hour ago

+17 Technically, you are not one living thing, but a collection of trillions of living things. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+13 Sex education should be dedicated to who can actually have sex, amirite?

by IceMaleficent1614 1 hour ago

+17 Just realized the entire earth is the garden of eden, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

+18 History isn't *always* written by the victors but it is always written by those who know how to write.

by cesarconsidine 2 hours ago