Post Of The Day

+11 Outro is short for outroduction, amirite?

by Anonymous 12 hours ago

-5 Sad Movies with Villains dont Work, amirite?

by Curious-Profit 3 minutes ago

+2 Each half of the world takes turns using the sun, amirite?

by Anonymous 6 minutes ago

-1 Hair is a vestigial feature of humans. We really don't need it anymore. amirite?

by Key_Dress_3332 23 minutes ago

+8 Insurance is betting on bad things happening to you, amirite?

by Anonymous 47 minutes ago

-1 I hate when older people say that we are using our phones too much or we couldn't last a day without it, amirite?

by Anonymous 50 minutes ago

+5 You shouldn't get married to someone who isn't in the same line of work, amirite?

by danieljamey 50 minutes ago

+10 Human bodies and boats have a waterproof outer layer to keep liquid in or out. Small holes can be repaired, if the hole is too large it's game over. amirite?

by Anonymous 53 minutes ago

+22 Professional acting is the only career that can get you any job you want, amirite?

by RowSad9031 57 minutes ago

+16 You're taller whilst hand-standing than you are whilst normal standing…, amirite?

by florine67 1 hour ago

+14 I think it's weird how will refuse to eat healthy food like fruit but will eat an unhealthy alternative that is a fruits flavor, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago