Post Of The Day

+19 AI is about as intelligent as social media is social, amirite?

by Overall_Buyer 1 day ago

+23 Not being able to assault someone without going to prison has enabled a lot of a$$holes to do whatever they want. amirite?

by Anonymous 24 minutes ago

+17 Kids are the closest living thing we have to computers. amirite?

by Handcatherine 28 minutes ago

+23 Making noise is not allowed in a library, but sleeping makes the least amount of noise, which is also not allowed, amirite?

by Anonymous 28 minutes ago

+15 Cemeteries and Golf Courses Should be Combined, amirite?

by Anonymous 39 minutes ago

+15 A person cannot win UNO if they are dumb... amirite?

by Padbergheath 43 minutes ago

+8 Being a teenager is so much better than being an adult, amirite?

by Anonymous 54 minutes ago

+16 Fried eggs don't belong on sandwiches! amirite?

by South-Meeting 1 hour ago

-3 Crispin Glover's reputation as a boundary-pushing artist is undeserved, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+17 "calories in calories out" is an unproductive strategy for weight-loss, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+9 with rankings, the lowest number is the highest number, amirite?

by rosarioprohaska 1 hour ago