Post Of The Day

+11 Exile is almost never used as a punishment for crime anymore, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 day ago

+19 The good thing about not getting enough sleep is that you get 3:00AM motivation at 7:00PM, amirite?

by levimraz 6 seconds ago

+19 Video games aren't art, they're a product for kids. amirite?

by Signal-Insurance 23 minutes ago

+3 Aang (The Last Airbender) is a loli, amirite?

by Anonymous 34 minutes ago

+20 Fries don't need condiments, amirite?

by Anonymous 43 minutes ago

-6 People who were born blind can talk without knowing what a word even looks like, amirite?

by amira07 49 minutes ago

-7 Atoms are rounded pixels, amirite?

by fschamberger 51 minutes ago

+28 Since OF became a thing, sex services became much more expensive. amirite?

by Unable_Flatworm 53 minutes ago

-6 Intelligent people drink to be free from their intelligence. Less intelligent people drink to embrace our lack of intelligence. amirite?

by Upset_Sorbet 54 minutes ago

+21 The difference between polyamory and cheating is telling the other person about it, amirite?

by Vada81 1 hour ago

+27 You Can't Scribble Out A Scribble, amirite?

by Ok_Dependent_5911 1 hour ago