Post Of The Day

+11 The richest person in the world is, as far as we know, the richest person in the universe. amirite?

by Dry_Writing 23 hours ago

+3 The word ‘bed' actually looks like a bed. amirite?

by Alexannevanderv 1 minute ago

+14 We should seriously consider replacing Central Park with a parking lot, amirite?

by bernard34 2 minutes ago

+19 Fast food is good for you, amirite?

by Anonymous 13 minutes ago

-12 Never try, never fail, amirite?

by Anonymous 14 minutes ago

+2 It should be "iced cream". Calling it "ice cream" is dumb. amirite?

by Anonymous 18 minutes ago

+13 Our dreams may cease to intrigue us once AI is widespread enough and we can constantly relive them with accurate enough prompts. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+13 The Speed Of Light is only fast enough to be useful on the planetary scale. Zoom out further and it becomes uselessly slow. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+3 Defensive driving is the Murphy's Law of getting around, amirite?

by Diligent-Reward 1 hour ago

+15 Hummer Limos seem extremely impractical especially in large cities, amirite?

by Ok-Meat2459 1 hour ago

+24 Books suck compared to cinema, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago