Post Of The Day

-7 Everyone is constantly littering skin cells, amirite?

by Anonymous 7 hours ago

+10 Git is needlessly complicated, amirite?

by Anonymous 3 minutes ago

+19 Somebody out there has the loosest butthole in the world, amirite?

by Anonymous 23 minutes ago

+13 You *should* meet your heroes—and be disappointed by them, amirite?

by Glum-Ad 37 minutes ago

+8 The way "brooches" is spelt makes no sense. amirite?

by Anonymous 45 minutes ago

+10 Every household and social circle has an average birthday, amirite?

by Smart_Breath 51 minutes ago

+25 People shouldnt be forced to appreciate what you do for them. amirite?

by Anonymous 56 minutes ago

+25 Magazine covers are clickbait, amirite?

by terrancebogan 1 hour ago

+8 Escalators are zippers for people, amirite?

by Jaymeziemann 1 hour ago

+32 People nowadays worry more about that their phone is charged up than their own body/mental health is, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+9 Your store bought pants were likely tried on by someone not wearing any undies. amirite?

by Negative_Mix 1 hour ago