Post Of The Day

+34 No one can be sure that their birthday is correct. amirite?

by Cnikolaus 8 hours ago

+5 The penny has pretty well become obsolete. amirite?

by Anonymous 52 minutes ago

-5 Gossiping about other people like it's a hobby when you're a grown adult is gross, amirite?

by Anonymous 52 minutes ago

+1 As you get older, 4am goes from being really late at night to being really early morning. amirite?

by Intelligent_Truth167 52 minutes ago

+7 There are numbers large enough that no computer in the world can store it. amirite?

by Anonymous 52 minutes ago

+15 Service Animals are free labor, amirite?

by torpcielo 1 hour ago

-4 rentals should be all bills included, amirite?

by verla98 1 hour ago

+10 The way you judge people, the same way people will judge you too, amirite?

by Jwaters 1 hour ago

+9 Speed fines are just another tax, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

-15 Nostalgia is the cozy fireplace for the soul! amirite?

by Evening_Dot3639 2 hours ago

+20 Bell pepper seeds are the glitter of cooking prep, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago