Post Of The Day

+40 People get aroused by pixels, amirite?

by Advanced-Zucchini 2 weeks ago

+2 May is the most dramatic and uncomfortable month, amirite?

by bartonfelicia 12 minutes ago

+6 People who go to EDC are the drugged out equivalent of disney adults, amirite?

by Anonymous 12 minutes ago

+3 people love family owned restaurants but hate family owned governments, amirite?

by Anonymous 12 minutes ago

-2 Herman Miller chairs aren't worth their pricetag, amirite?

by Tmarquardt 12 minutes ago

+9 Everyone will leave a trace at some point in human history to know that they existed. amirite?

by Anonymous 48 minutes ago

-3 With fertility rates decreasing, family gatherings in the future are going to get a lot more quiet, amirite?

by Anonymous 48 minutes ago

+8 Secondary currencies in videogames suck. amirite?

by Ok_Fondant 48 minutes ago

-9 It's bad luck to name your kid before it's a year old. amirite?

by ZoneForeign1189 48 minutes ago

+8 Getting upset over other people's preferences is dumb, amirite?

by Alexspinka 2 hours ago

-5 Each meal you eat is technically breakfast, amirite?

by Antique_Assistance 2 hours ago