Post Of The Day

+11 Outro is short for outroduction, amirite?

by Anonymous 8 hours ago

+14 It'd be wild if your crotch made relatively uncontrollable sounds when you had to pee, like your butt does when you have to pooo. amirite?

by djohnston 41 seconds ago

-5 Popcorn was invented thousands of years ago and still lasts as the only vegetable we pop to eat, amirite?

by Nedramarks 12 minutes ago

-6 The Fresh Prince cab driver had so much narrative promise, amirite?

by Anonymous 27 minutes ago

+17 Most people spend only roughly 35% of their live barefoot (without socks) amirite?

by Anonymous 46 minutes ago

+23 Travelling via bus or train is nicer than via airplane, amirite?

by Anonymous 52 minutes ago

+19 School exams should mostly be open book. amirite?

by Issac46 1 hour ago

+22 Parking backwards is easier than parking forwards, thanks to cameras. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+6 Most people you see in passing you will never see again for the rest of your life. amirite?

by Ok_Dot1325 1 hour ago

+12 Lightly pinching your nose lets you smell inside your nose, amirite?

by MinimumTitle 1 hour ago

+7 Soon there will be professionals to distinguish between AI generated images and real ones, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago