Post Of The Day

+40 i love being sore, amirite?

by Anonymous 15 hours ago

0 Bad piggies theme doesn't hit the same anymore because of memes. amirite?

by Anonymous 24 seconds ago

0 Context should be one of the most valuable things in life, but its too often undervalued, amirite?

by Anonymous 25 seconds ago

+7 Playstation 4 was peak Sony. amirite?

by Desperate-Till-1203 25 seconds ago

+6 The voice in your head has never sounded any older, even though you've been listening to it your entire life. amirite?

by Dboyle 26 seconds ago

+4 I'm pretty cool man, amirite?

by dasia30 24 minutes ago

+5 hand dryers in public restrooms, amirite?

by Anonymous 24 minutes ago

+4 Snake-pitting another person's point of view is hive minded and shows a lack of intelligence, amirite?

by Ok_Engineering9602 24 minutes ago

-6 People generally have a favorite for each of the five senses except touch (favorite food, song, color, smell) amirite?

by Anonymous 28 minutes ago

-17 Only babies and adults appear in Wall-E, there are no children or teens. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+3 Your Body is Your Only Real House, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago