Post Of The Day

+39 People over 6ft are very lucky they made the average door taller than the average human, amirite?

by Western_Resist7409 1 day ago

+7 Trinity was sort of creepy in the Matrix, amirite?

by Anonymous 59 minutes ago

+9 Lining up is a visual representation of who has been waiting the longest. amirite?

by Anonymous 59 minutes ago

+12 No show should be allowed to go beyond season 10, amirite?

by Anonymous 59 minutes ago

-1 Concerts are pretty dumb, amirite?

by morissettebento 59 minutes ago

+12 Out of all the suspects shot by cops, how many of them get hit in the groin? amirite?

by Reyes19 2 hours ago

+14 Every human can't agree on one thing, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

+15 If you feel uncomfortable at group gatherings it doesn't mean you're an introvert. It means you have social anxiety, amirite?

by dorothy06 2 hours ago

-5 We (society) should be focused on eliminating violence against everyone not just women, amirite?

by IndependentInjury947 2 hours ago

+9 Using memes in office settings (e.g. presentations) is cringe, lazy and unfunny. amirite?

by Stunning_Honeydew 2 hours ago

+23 Your parents have an apple. If you buy another apple and your parents buy another apple, you'll have half as many apples as your parents, but the same amount as they did before, amirite?

by Fuzzy-Artichoke1083 2 hours ago