Post Of The Day

+35 The creator of "Cuties" should be charged with distributing CP, amirite?

by Possible-Box-798 5 hours ago

+9 If you pee while using a bidet, you become a sort of fountain. amirite?

by Anonymous 58 minutes ago

+7 The Fear of Being Alone is a Rational Fear That You Shouldn't Try to Overcome, amirite?

by Agitated-Tear-9042 58 minutes ago

+5 Xenomorph Aliens were especially dangerous as they have acid for blood. A trait they share with lemons. amirite?

by Anonymous 58 minutes ago

+9 In general, smaller statured people got to enjoy their childhood longer. amirite?

by Brilliant-Ratio4047 58 minutes ago

-9 Though it falls under the same literal definition, asking someone to turn on the air conditioning will never result in someone turning on the heat. amirite?

by daughertyisabel 58 minutes ago

+18 The phrases "good morning" and "good day" are seen and used as greetings, while "good night" is seen as a goodbye. amirite?

by Anonymous 2 hours ago

+10 Crochet items shouldn't cost so much. amirite?

by ConcertUpper 2 hours ago

+18 Star wars the phantom menace is the best star wars movie, amirite?

by Subject-Lab5235 2 hours ago

-3 If you like kids, becoming a teacher might make you feel terrible. amirite?

by Lower-Cap4337 2 hours ago

+13 Ambitious graphics is ruining shooters, amirite?

by Ill_Sound_356 2 hours ago