If you throw up a certain food, you can no longer eat that food again, amirite?

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Or a certain type of alcohol. Can't even think about the taste of tequila or smell it w/o gagging.

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Pregnant women must have a lot of weird craving-induced snacks they can't eat anymore

Or whenever it gives you food poisoning </3

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Jello. :'(

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Nope, it does take a very long time though. I threw up apple juice when I was 7 and didn't have it again until I was 11. Same with custard. Threw it up at 10, took me 5 years to have it again.

Well, you could still eat the food again just as long as you can keep the bile down.

Not true. I've thrown up from cheeseburgers, tequila, vodka, and cheese and I still consume them all

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It's called taste aversion.

Pro tip; never go to souplantation. That shit gives you food poisoning.

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Happend to me when I was six. Lasagna. But now I can't eat it fine.

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The first thing I ever remember projectile vomiting was a hamburger.
I still eat hamburgers.

I haven't eaten oatmeal in years.

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That V8 fruit juice. I used to drink it obsessively as a kid, got the stomach flu once, and I can't stand to even look at it now.

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Chocolate pudding. Threw it up all over my friend's shoes in kindergarten. I ate it for snack and we were in line on the way to lunch. Almost 15 years later and I still tease him about it.

Took me forever to try hotdogs again.

Meanwhile, I haven't eaten pizza with mushrooms in months.

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Pickles and new England clam chowder. :(
I eat pickles again but all that chowder I bought expired in my basement ages ago... Ew.

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Ironically, this is me with pepto bismol-i take that gravol stuff instead when I'm feeling queasy.


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Why the hell not?

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