As if Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift get into 100 Most Influential People In The World! What is the world coming to? amirite?

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Both of them have risen to fame with little help and with their own talents. Taylor didn't have the help of Disney Channel like most stars her age and Lady Gaga is one of the most if not the most unique pop artist at the moment. They both deserve it.

They have huge fan bases and are wildly successful and popular, which is what makes them influential. Just because you don't like an artist's music, doesn't mean they don't influence thousands of people a day. Not gonna lie, you sound really stupid and annoying by posting thiPr

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Hey guy above me, same goes for Lady GaGa. She's not a manufactured pop star. And unlike Taylor Swift, all her songs sound different and are about different things. Don't get me wrong, Taylor's talented, but GaGa beats her by miles.

i can see Talyor Swift, she writes her own songs, produces them and she makes sense. But Lady GaGa? Really?

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This shows that people hate the mainstream simply because it's the mainstream. While they are talented, I don't think they are necessarily influential people in relation to the whole world. The US maybe, but not of the 6 billion people total.

I think they both arent influential people. what have they done to influence us? nothing!

Yes I don't like their music but they have done nothing to deserve going in between people like Obama and Sarah Palin who have actually done something influential!
And okay yes they influence heaps of other people just not me, and I wrote this post because it was what I thought not what every one else thought, and those who did think the same said so!
And going by that there's more of us thinking that Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga aren't influential.

You probably wanted Harry Potter to win.oh wait,he's fake.It must be depressing to have a virtual bestie.

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@You probably wanted Harry Potter to win.oh wait,he's fake.It must be depressing to have a virtual bestie.

ummmm... no. for 1 the whole harry is my bestie is a joke. and 2 i just think Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift don't deserve to be on 100 Most Influential People In The World.
anyway what about you? Twilight? OMG!!! Sparkly vampires!! WOW!!!!!

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