No one watches TV anymore. amirite?

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I'm watching TV right now..

My tv watching as definitely decreased over the past several months. I dunno, I just lost interest. The only shows I still watch religiously are Community, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock. My list used to be 3 times that long. And because those shows don't start until fall, right now I only use tv to watch movies on HBO.

I am watching Scrubs while I type this.

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I only watch 3 shows regularly (Mad Men, Dexter, and Community) but I still watch probably a few hours a week. Unless there's a marathon on the Food Channel- that's the only time I watch more than an hour or two a day

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I stopped watching television a lot recently, I can watch a show once in a while. I don't go out of my way to watch it though.

Three separate comments mentioning community on the same post? In different threads? SPECTACULAR

You must not live in 'Murica.

I watch Netflix a lot more because of the summer breaks for TV shows. The only shows that still airs that I watch is Awkward because it started airing again last month.

After about 15 years of never watching television, I finally jumped on the bandwagon a few days ago. I feel so accomplished.

Shows that are coming on now that I watch are Pretty Little Liars, Project Runway (which just started~), and that's actually about it for things I watch religiously but most things aren't showing new episodes currently. I also watch Glee but I don't know why since it's pretty terrible nowadays, Community (WHICH IS THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD l smilie), How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Psych, Best Ink, The Big Bang Theory, and several other things but that's all I can think of.

I pay for cable, I'm gonna use it. I'm not paying TWC to help me watch hulu or something.

I watch a lot of TV shows on my computer, but not on an actual TV.

I don't even watch TV shows any more :/ It's been a year since I've watched a TV show...I never could have imagined how much I could get done without TV.

@mNmL0ver14 I don't even watch TV shows any more :/ It's been a year since I've watched a TV show...I never could have imagined...

no actually I go to the library read some good books. Write some books of my own...things I never would have done if I still watched TV.

I don't get why people are hating on me for not watching tv....da fuq?

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