The facebook groups promising added functionality such as web cams and dislike buttons in exchange for inviting all your friends would never take off if the people who made them didn't have lots of gullible friends, amirite?

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@Chromana Forgot to sign in?

Well, @28044 (Chromana): God damn, I never signed out. Thanks, amirite.

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@Ryan The Stay Logged In button is a lie....

Maybe you logging in somewhere else, so it logged you out on your current computer. Or you cleaned your cookies.

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Any admins around got some kind of magic link this post to my actual account button would be handy right about now :)

Ryans avatar Ryan Yeah You Are 0Reply

Actually I do know a few people who got the dislike button, they just had to download it, and then only people who had also downloaded the button could actually see if something had been disliked.
hehehe i think its easier to just comment "dislike".

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