you have a guilty pleasure band that you have to try really hard to pretend you don't like, amirite?

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Justin Bieber.

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@Justin Bieber. Unfortunately.

No wonder you posted anonymously.

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Demi Lovato

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@Dwight Demi Lovato

I thought it would have been Justice Beaver. I mean, he's a crime fighting beaver. For Pete's sake.

I don't understand why people pretend not to like something, if they actually do.


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Nickleback is awesome! Not something that you should try to keep a secret!

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All star weekend

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i'm not going to lie i love lady gaga.

The jonas brothers, but only when I'm cleaning.

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My Chemical Romance and Maroon 5

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Taylor Swift

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Daft Punk, I'm normally just listening to metal or hardcore :)

Ladyhawke, and I actually don't hate some Katy Perry. I'm a metalhead of many different types, Nightwish, Disturbed, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Evanescence, General Fiasco, Paramore.....

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His voice just really annoys me for some reason...

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I generally don't like most of the radio music today, but I'm not gunna deny liking something because people might think I'm a hypocrite or something.

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