It's very wannabe for authors to use a random, "deep-meaning" title for their book that has nothing to do with the actual book. Example:Twilight. Really? Because I don't see anything that has to do with the damn moon. amirite?

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well... twilight does have a meaning.. if you read it he says twilight is the best part of the day for vampires but i forget his reasoning. also if you make a catchy title usually people go to read it. i know if the title doesnt seem interesting i probably wont pick the book up.

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in the book edward tells bella its "twilight"
maybe you should read the book before saying that.

Ihave read the the first book and it barely mention twilight, but it was in there a couple times. If the word balloon comes up in a book about monkeys or something, is the tittle going to be Balloons? Nope.

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That wasn't very nice. Maybe she doesn't agree with you.

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She has to stop disagreeing with you? Okay I know you don't care what anybody older than you thinks, but you seriously need to grow up.

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I suggest you read Twilight before posting about it.

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First off, twilight has nothing to do with the moon. It is the time of morning when the dark is going away and the sun is just rising. Which leads me to believe it would be the worst time of day for a vampire. Just a heads up.

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Actually, if you read the book, it DOES have to do with the book.

There are werewolves (not technically but whatever) and by the way, warewolves shift with the moon phases (not technically in the book but whatever) and the technical definition of twilight is 3.a condition or period of gradual decline following full development, achievement, glory, etc. (kinda fits if you think about it).
xD out

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New Moon: When Edward left her, she looked up and noticed there was no moon, so, a New Moon. Thatisall.

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i fricking hate twilight

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omagawd ...vampires...moons? dude..
well the cullens arent actual vampires, they can go out in the fucking sun wtf......
so at one point ur right coz they dont only go out at night..

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