Hey, if you decide to pick up 20 shirts and bring them into the fitting room please at least hang them and put them on the rack OUTSIDE THE ROOM so the associate can put them away quicker. Don't throw them on the floor, hang them up w/o the hangers on the bar in the fitting room, leave them scattered in a pile on the seat with hangers intertwined in them. amirite?

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It's also a big inconvenience for customers when the rooms are full. No one wants to wait for me to clear out your room for you. It could have been easily done by you. Try one shirt on, hang, try next shirt on, hang. Not try on -throw on floor- try on -throw on floor-

They don't have to be neatly re buttoned, but wtf is it with people who hang up their pants like retards? Does it really take that much effort to make sure the ends of the pants hanger are on the ends of the pants? I've seen it positioned on zippers with the pants sideways and lopsided, half hanging off of it, etc.

T__T;; People would be amazed at the shit I came across. Someone left all the hangers on the floor, then hung over 20 tank tops on the knobs sticking out of the wall in the fitting room. It took a good 15-20 minutes to untangle the tops, and then rehang them or fold them in the appropriate places. Most associates only work part time, so it's hard to remember what is hung or what is folded. So when a customer leaves their clothes in a big messy pile it takes a while to look around for what the team has done with everything sometimes.

Seriously! At least bring the stuff out to me. You're passing me on the way out, how hard is it? I'd rather have that than to go in your room and pick up your crap you left on the floor. It's amazing how lazy people can be.

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