Girls should not get offended when
someone tells them that they have nice tits, if some girl told me that I have a nice dick I would take it as a compliment, amirite?

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True but it's possible to find a less offensive way to say it than "nice tits"

Hmm there's a difference. I like when my husband says nice tits. If a random creeper comes up and says nice tits he gets a swift kick in the nuts and then I say, "Nice, dick."

69 "no ways". Lol.

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it honestly depends on the situation. if you say "nice tits" just before having sex with someone, its more acceptable. if you simply look at her and then say "nice tits," most mature, respectable women will think you're a pervert.

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Its still offensive to us if all men can think about is sex in woman. We don't just think about sex in men you know... and so it pisses us off when men say "nice tits" and I agree with anything_chocolate... it would be nice to find a less offensive way to say it.

Um how would YOU like it if a girl came up to you and said, "Nice man boobs."

I LOVE it when a guy tells me I have nice tits :)

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i agree with yourmomlikesthis you took the words right out of my mouth. :)

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