Chaos is beauty, beauty is pain, pain builds strength; Order is safety, safety is comfortable, being comfortable keeps us from progress. So laws keep us from progress and make us weaker, amirite?

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This post doesn't make sense, things which don't make sense cause confusion, confusion causes ignorance, ignorance causes hate, hate causes evil, evil causes fear, fear causes aggression, aggression causes war.
So this post must be responsible for war.
You cunt.

Oh yeah. Things will be much better when I can walk up to my neighbor, shoot them in the head and walk away leaving a shattered family...

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This is some failed logic...

Usually, I find posts like these clever, but this was just crap. Sorry.

The "logic" behind this is incredibly flawed. You could say almost anything in this manner and claim one thing is responsible for another based on a string of semi-related things (like Truuninja said). This is just stupid...

Just a bunch of mangled metaphors and things here. Nothing is constant to prove that chaos is beauty, or that beauty is pain. Neither that being comfortable keeps us from progress. don't use math rules as an excuse to break the law. They've been in place since the beginning of time, and we've made tons of progress since then.

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How is chaos beauty?


Cookie for ya if you get the reference.

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@Prof_E Actually, it's "Ignorance is strength" not two and two is five.

My bad. I read it so long ago, and I just knew I was forgetting one of them....2+2=5 was explicitly referenced many times though, so I put it in there.

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"Regulation and control make our government too powerful"... in more simple terms.

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