A Clockwork Orange was a fantastic book, and a wonderful film, however you would like to see the costumes that were described in the book (black tights, high padded shoulders, crotch jellies), amirite?

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Reading the book and it's amazing, but I haven't seen the movie yet.

The thing that creeped me out about the book was how young alex was supposed to be (14). I wish the actor in the move looked 14, but instead he looked at least 20. I still liked the move, but it was the fact that alex was a child, that made his character (for me) so chilling, in the book.

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Really? I did not know that! That's actually pretty terrible, and kinda cool at the same time.

and I adore the book, but the costumes being wrong in the movie... was kinda annoying.
Like if they changed Slytherins colours to Pink and Purple in the movies.

Something just being off.


I agree that movie was awful.

Yes and no.
I loved the costumes in the movie far too much. I saw the movie before I read the book, and I think it's one of the few stories that I think is better in movie form.

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I tried to read the book, but I couldn't understand it. The movie was easier to comprehend.

I saw that movie it bothered me a lot, so I don't like it at all..

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