if two wrongs don't make a right, then how come a negative number divided by a negative number is a positive one? amirite?

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my grade 7 teacher explained it to me this way: when negative things happen to negative people thats a good thing.

because life isn't mathomatic, i mean it is but not in the way you just posted.

Negative =/= Wrong.

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a negative divided by a negative is a positive, but dividing is a negative thing so its a triple negative which would make it a negative again, and three wrongs dont make a right.
but a negative multiplied by a negative is a negative and probably would have been at better example.

Negative numbers in math aren't wrong...

Let's say killing a person is negative—because it is.

Killing a person and killing a person. 2 people dead is positive?

You REALLY should think before you post; just because it applies to one thing, doesn't mean it applies to everything.

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