You get nervous when you put keep answering the same letter on a multiple choice test, amirite?

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My teacher once accidentally forgot to change the order of her answers and the entire test ending up having "A" for the answers. I usually get nervous after filling in my answer sheet with three of the same letter. Imagine getting fifty in a row and fighting a raging internal battle of "This was totally intentional! They're all A's!" and "Holy crap, I must have no idea what I'm doing on this test!"

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put keep answering?

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I know I do, but I don't know whether you do. Don't ask questions about yourself. Such conceit!

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the comment above me is a complete fail. grammar and everything...

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yeah When I have the same letter like 3 or 4 times in a row, it just doesn't feel like the teacher really would have put it that way so I feel like I'm wrong.

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wells I got a spanish test where the teacher tried to trick us by putting the all the answers as A I got them all right though.

I don't know, do you?

omg it happened tody again! 1.a 2.a 3.a 4.a and so on...(:

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Did he died?

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i didnt really know how to word the post. chill!

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Yeah, I always think oh that's wrong! They wouldn't do that, and then I wonder if maybe they would...that's wierd. And then I waste 10minutes thinking about it instead of the test! lol

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haha i do that and get nervous and change the answers. I end uo getting them wrong:(

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I call it reverse psychology.

well you do have a 50/50 chance

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Hahahahaha!!! Nice...

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@well you do have a 50/50 chance

most tests have a b c d
well the ones i do do

hehe same and i always look for patterns when i have to guess :)

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i gess teachers just do that

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@i gess teachers just do that

yeah! they make u panic 4 no reason

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@i gess teachers just do that

I think at the beginning of the year, teachers should assign a test where the first half of the answers are A, the next fourth of the answers are D, and the last of the answers would be C. That way, it would teach students that sometimes, the correct answers are always A, C, or D and it is OK to not have one of any letter bubbled in on a test. :)

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happened to me today, 5 d's

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@happened to me today, 5 d's

weird, cause i had double...haha, seventh grade humour...

my french teacher does that all the time!

Im nervous anyway lol

Yeah like I was playing rs and I was in wildy full bandos ags divine and chaotic rapier I was wondering if I should Venge spec ags and go for KO so I got nervous in the end I got teh epic lootz amirite?

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you guys are falling into gamblers fallacy. If you flip a coin three times and it lands heads up each time, the chance of getting heads the next time is still 50/50.

I have a friend who is a teacher and one day she decided that for "fun" she would make all the answers A. No one in that class got full marks and she got so much pleasure from it. Moral of the story...evil teachers try to mentally cripple us and are often successful

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Who doesn't

Actually, this happened to me on thursday. I put A four times in a row, so I told myself to not put A on the next answer. So I looked at the remaining 3 options, and picked the one that made more sense. Surprisingly, I got the question right.

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@Lazynez Actually, this happened to me on thursday. I put A four times in a row, so I told myself to not put A on the next...

It happened to me too, I had maybe four or five c/h's in a row and the next answer i didn't know so i guessed from the other letters

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