sending nude pictures to guys and your boyfriend doesn't count as cheating if you haven't actually met the other guys, amirite?

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hahahahaahahahhaahahhaaahaaaaha your right, its not cheating because you probably don't have a boyfriend because no one would be stupid enough to date you, amirite?

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That's almost the exact definition of cheating.

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uhm well you are a fucking tard and you should be dumped by this man and gain large amounts of weight.

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You shouldn't ever ever send nude pics. You never know where they might end up.

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Would you like it if your boyfriend sent pictures of his dong to every girl he knew?

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Absolute morality failure

Some people AGREED with this 0.o???

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i hope you're joking

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if you had a boyfrien, then why would you send nudes of yourself anyway? especially if you haven't met the guy. you have no idea who they really are!!&&nude pictures are gross in the first place=]

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This post is just asking to be NoWay'ed.


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that SO Is cheating. ur dumb to post this >.<

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cough cough

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@cough cough WTF...

okay, come on now...relax with the no porn business

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One word for you, 'Ew'.

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I am very concerned for 56 people at the moment...

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wth to the person above me.

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...so many things wrong with this

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The 'no way' is on 69. How appropriate o.O

Is your relationship stands on sex... and nothing beyond (I belive its important factor, but even thn it should not be everything between the two.)

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That is cheating. Cheating is Cheating

That's a sin. You shouldn't be looking at porn in the first place.

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She never said "every guy I know" ^

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send some nude pics this-a-way ;)

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