There is no such thing as a normal person. Everyone is different. If you try to become normal, you will never succeed, because although you may act the same as everyone else, look the same us everyone else and talk like everyone else, you will still think differently, wonder about different things, and feel differently, amirite?

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13 people voted NO WAY...really? I wonder how many of the 449 people have ever referred to themselves as a normal person...

truth is, nobody will be. we have all "thought, said, or did things" in any way shape or form that could be put in as "not normal for society"...Even if you THINK IT, your still not normal.

so. calling all normal people...please stand up, actually take that back because if someone does, i will slap them with a text book 8).

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You're wElcome.

I'm not going to change that typo... it looks funny. :D

lol my vote was totally the one that got it on the homepage on account of I just voted on it :P

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