The creation of the internet should be used as the dividing point of world history. We should use B.I. / A.I. (Before Internet and After Internet) to mark years. amirite?

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Most history is B.S.
But anyway, this is pretty much the best idea I have ever seen. I'm gonna call it B.I. and A.I. from now on, btw in traditional sense when is the official "0 A.I.", is it when I personally got the internet, cos that could get confusing, unless I wore a badge or something.

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This is brilliant. Where did you get this, or did you just think of it yourself?

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Oh, Hai Guyz!

I am going to repost this because I want to get my credit for it. Would be such a shame to let this post go to waste deep into the dark pages of Amirite. Think this belongs in the "Hot" list.

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That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard

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Radio predicted internet as a mass media yet nobody refers to it for it human made so it's not as heavenly as a supposed Christ came to earth