Deep down, you're freaked out by clowns. I mean they're grown men wearing make-up, amirite?

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What do you mean "deep down?" I'm ALWAYS terrified of clowns...

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The movie "Poltergeist" scarred me for life. Never can I look at a clown the same way again...

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So do KISS and they're fucking amazing.

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Super heroes too, I mean look at Superman and Batman and Spiderman, they're grown up men in tight clothes wearing the underwear over the pants, they're still awesome though..

deep down? HA! you don't want to show me a clown. I have really bad violent coulophobia.

No, I love clowns. Specifically the Joker.

I got much clown love

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You live in Houston, Texas...

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Meaning some people are just too afraid to admit it :D

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Drag queens are grown men in makeup. That's not what makes clowns scary as fuck. It's their overall creepiness.

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