During the school year, you complain about school. During summer you complain about having nothing to do. They should create an optional school without any homework, it would solve both the issue of boredom, and kids who don't give a damn about learning to leave. amirite?

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i believe thats what camps are for..

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thats kiiinda what homeschool is. well, i have to do it everyday (except for summer and weekends)of course, but my mom lets me do it whenever during the day. so for example; i can stay up till 7am then wake up at 4pm and hang out with my friends when theyre back from school, then do my schoolwork while theyre finishing their homework or eating dinner or whatever. also while my friend, who wants to be an actress, is taking algebra 2. (which she will probably never need) i on the otherhand, who wants to be a vet and/or stay at home mom, can take consumer mathmatics and zoology.

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it shouldn't be optional or else our country would be even more full of bums than it already is

Do you mean camp by any chance?

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