Schools shouldn't give any homework anymore a week (or even two) before the exams, amirite?

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I feel your pain, and the worst part is, when the exams are like 2 days away and I finally have time to study, I always start stressing, and then my mum'll go 'well, when you put everything off to the last minute!!' They just don't realise WE DON'T HAVE A CHOICE!!
sorry, I'm kinda frustrated about it, does it show? :-P

Usually my homework is study packets, I appreciate them.

Unless the homework is just to study or something. :P Or revision questions.

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Yeah!! I got a huge packet to do for history(5 pages, front & back) and Spanish(14 pages). I didn't even have time to study for the exams.

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But the homework is reviewing the material, which is helping you study. Unless the homework is something you've already studied on your own. You can always just do a crappy job on the homework and then study hard, because exams are worth more.

Yeah, homework can really help drive the material you learned home. If you don't have homework for two weeks, you can assume that you haven't been learning anything for those two weeks, and the material probably wouldn't be as fresh in your mind come test day. If you were learning something in those two weeks but did not get homework because of the approaching test, you probably wouldn't get much practice on the topic each day and would be tempted to procrastinate studying. One week might be better.

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