When you are playing Modern Warfare 2 online and you are just one kill from a really bad ass killstreak reward and someone kills you with either camping or a noob tube, you will hate that person for the rest of you're life. amirite?

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yo dude, chill! this is just a joke :P It's not like we're gonna hate someone just for that.. You just dislike them with a passion and then have to get revenge on them. like 20 times. >:D

...but then again the only reason i got close to that kill streak was from my noob tubing...

Well then you should hate the person who killed you with a gun.

like 4 away from a nuke and someone gets lucky...

God, that pisses me off so much. Especially when you find out that person is one of those random six year old kids playing.
Also, it should 'your' not 'you're', because it's not 'you are' life, it's 'your' life.

I play. But still, no way. It's just a fucking game. This remind me of a story I heard about a guy who got so pissed about a game (I think it might have been CoD) that he tracked down the guy who killed him. Can't remember exactly what happened, but it was recent.

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ppl who care that much need a life. or play Bad Company 2, do u want chopper gunner? great, learn to fly this helicopter

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