You kinda feel bad for everyone whose birthday is September 11th, amirite?

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My cousin was born on 9/11 five minutes after the first tower went down. A family member said, "It sucks for her being born on this day." I will never forget my uncle's response, "No, it means that God took time to create something beautiful on this horrible day."

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my friend's birthday is on 9/11

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Mine is on September 11th.
My sister's is when Bali was bombed.
I have a feeling that some bad luck must come along with it XD

my sisters friend was born september 11 at the exact time the first tower fell.

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Awe, that's my birthday. :/

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I have a friend whose birthday is on 9/11

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my birthday is September 11th

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My grampa's was. :(

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