The more they play hard-to-get the more you want them, amirite?

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No. I refuse to date anyone who likes to play little mind games with me. Be direct. You either like me or not. If I get any hint that a person is uninterested in me I back off even if I later find out they were "just playing hard to get". Life isn't a big teen drama and it's annoying as fuck how some people pretend it is one.

There's always a threshold. I agree with notmuchnotmuch, fuck wasting time.

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I don't want what I can't have. It's a self preservation thing.

this makes me think of Pride and Prejudice...

Depends on my mood. Usually this only applies when I'm in on of my super-seductress flirty moods, like at a party or something. In that case I'm viewing the person as a prize for my own ego and not as an actual human being and those things never last.
If I actually really like someone as a person, have gotten to know them and respect and admire them, then I hate games. I respect the person enough to back off if they're not interested and move on, even if I don't really want to. But if they ARE interested, I want them to be upfront with their feelings about me so I'm not stuck in this constant state of wondering.

Being the person I am and having the experiences I have had, it is VERY difficult to tell between hard to get and actually them not wanting me. So no, it's almost a put-down.

It's pretty intimidating.

Not really. Maybe to a very small extent, but I'm not interested in waiting around for someone. If I get the feeling someone is uninterested, I usually just back off and try to move on.

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Sounds like rape.

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