No one actually reads the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, amirite?

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I do, just to find the words "we own your soul" or something like that ;P

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I actually skimmed over the phrase "Terms of Service or Privacy Policy" in the post the first time.

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We all know we are getting shafted in the end so it doesn't matter because we need the product or service regardless :(

Vlisss avatar Vliss Yeah You Are +8Reply

You slowly scroll down, click the check box.... and BAM you theoretically just read the terms of use and policy.

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I want to know who the two people are who do read it!

Anonymous +5Reply

I was a little sad when I realized I brought the agree-count from 1337 to 1338.

Kukuxumushus avatar Kukuxumushu Yeah You Are +5Reply

Just don't tell the big companies that...they'll probably start posting the long,boring, and dull contract as their homepage online. ick.

you keep scrolling then mark the box

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Lawyers do read those things once in a while, actually. So I am obliged to disagree with you since, even though I don't actually read all the way through them, your language reminds me that there surely is someone out there who does.

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of course not.
sarah, i love you.

I read it. It explains a lot. It takes a chunk out of me day, but its worth it in the end!

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IT"S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

Awumpas avatar Awumpa Yeah You Are +1Reply

never i just hit agree and move on

what_ups avatar what_up Yeah You Are +1Reply

One time I clicked next and a message came up saying "There's no way you could have read it that fast! Go back and read it again!"

Rules are there for a reason

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