So many people tend to use the word "shy" like it's a cute habit that you'll grow out of, but when you're actually a shy person, you know it isn't at all "cute". amirite?

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being shy sucks :[

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yeah. well i've grown out of being "cute" so my shyness is taken for stupidity. curse my height.

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I'm too shy for my own good, in fact. If being shy is "cute" then, heck, I better be as cute as a basket full of puppies and kittens. Sometimes I even get shy while talking on the internet, resulting in me pretending to be idled, and probably missing out on something great.


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Yeah, happens to me all the time -_- I've gotten a little tired of being called 'cute' all my life.

Stupid shyness.. I'm very petite so that also makes me "cute". Absolutely HATE it when people call me that... AND, makes my life harder every day ¬¬. So yeah, not cute at all

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Being shy sucks when you're on a road trip for 2 weeks, you're only stopping at fast food places, and your parents won't let you get food unless you order it yourself. :

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._. I'm shy, not sure what people think of me though.

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