The worst way to end a love song is with the phrase "'And also I have herpes", amirite?

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actually, that would be pretty funny IMO

"If I had a hammer, I'd build a house for two.
And if I had a sailing ship, I'd take a trip with you.

If I had the poet's hand, I'd write a verse for thee,
And if I had the painter's grace, on canvas you would be.

But I don't have a hammer.
And I don't have a ship.
So I can't build your house, and we can never take a trip.
And I don't have the poet's hand, or have the painter's face,
so I could never write your verse, or immortalize your face.

... And also, I have herpes."

I love Stephen Lynch.

Mr. Anonymous, you're a moron. Way to misspell "herpes".

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nuh uh!! that would be effing hilarious

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