You love to hack your friend's facebook accounts and put their status as something retarded, but you get extremely pissed off when they do it to you, amirite?

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It's not hacking if you know the password or it's already logged in... Just sayin!!


Dude, we have the same initials lol!

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"ness is a terd" no smilie

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I agree, but when your friend realizes that you got on, don't they normally say "Dude! Why did you hack onto my Facebook account?!"

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You make a good argument, but i just wanted to put something that people would understand. I didn't mean it as actually "hacking."

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Im not the best at computers, but my brother is really good, so I know what hacking is. But yah, it pisses me off too when people misunderstand things I do. :)

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uhm I never said that I was a hacker, but ok? And anyway its better to be a nerd than to be a pussy like you who chooses anonymous so you don't get your ass whipped when you say something retarded

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