Back in the day bell-bottoms were popular, then flare jeans, the boot-cut jeans, then straight jeans, and now skinny jeans are the trend. Every time the width of the end has gotten smaller. What comes after skinny jeans though? Pants can't get any tighter, amirite?

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Those leggings that look like jeans gags

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@Those leggings that look like jeans gags

That was exactly what I was gunna say!

@Those leggings that look like jeans gags

Oh my God, YESSSS!!! I hate it when people wear those to school. I mean, I don't wanna see your ass.

It's weird how pants are getting smaller but people are getting fatter...

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then bell-bottoms come back around. its a cycle

jeggings, but worn as jeans instead of with a long enough shirt.

Euch, jeggings better not get any more popular! They're sick.

Hopefully bell bottoms will come back! :-P I have a pair from 7th grade that I can fit my head into the leg...

There's Extra Skinny Jeans. And Super Skinny Jeans ;)

And those waistbands just keep getting wider...

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I don't see why bell bottoms ever went out of style.


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Ooh! Maybe they will later get shorter! Skinny Jeans --> Tight Shorts --> Tight Short Skirts --> Nothing :P

Imagining sexy women wearing tight short skirts makes me hard.

I have all those types of jeans so for me its a new style everyday!

There are already jeans skinnier than skinnies, they're called stranglers.

No pants. It's most definitely no pants.


haha. i'm a person who likes flare an boot-cut, so i wouldn't know but im sorry i just dislike skinny jeans. an its not because i'm fat or short i am actually 5'4 an weigh like 104-105. i just never saw the need to be hugged by jeans. An my friends always complain about how its hard to run. i will always be a flare girl. An most of our population is fat. They are called skinny jeans not make you skinny jeans. :D. an next will probably just be ca-pries. Just wear something that is comfortable. screw style its always changing!! >.<

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but eventually.....it will have to go back to the bell-bottom. it just makes sense. eventually there comes a point that youd be cutting off circulation in sabout 3 seconds if pants kept getting tighter...


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cut offs...tight pants that are cut into shorts...some people already wear em

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