since the term "ass" isnt an appropriate word, then we shall say John Wilkes Booth buttbuttinated Abraham Lincoln, amirite?

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Would you prefer Grdonkey or Sdonkey instead? d smilie

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@runnerdude Let me buttsist you with that

That would be (ass)sist. You're an S to high there mate.

@Kashish That would be (ass)sist. You're an S to high there mate.

I realize (: I was going by pronouciation so it would make more sense

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Is it just me, or is it weird the majority of comments from 2 years ago are anon?

@Kashish Because I like cross multiplication.

But it was completely unnecessary. Just take the number of anon's and divide that by the total number of comments. You obviously used a calculator to get such a long decimal in the first place.

It may be just the fever talking but I laughed at this a lot. Then the 2 year old comments were even funnier. In Internet time that seemed like it was 20 or 30 years ago. I half expected to see someone say "that post was totally tops!"

From now on Im only ever handing in buttignments at university :')

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That is my new favorite word.

Or Fannyfannyinated
And for the grand finale.....

hmmm... i wonder if....
Yup, that's shorter. Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you the NEW second-longest word in the English language!

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@Desteroth what about badonkadonkbadonkadonkinated?

well a badonka donk is essentially the latin extension of a word meaning "all that ass" so we can shorten up your word by incorporating the double "ass" in "assassinated" to just being "all that ass"-inated so now instead of "bodonkadonkbadonkadonk", we only need the root word "badonkadonk." Thus the word becomes Ba-donka-donkinated, which rolls off the tongue, in my opinion, a little better.

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"This morning i attended mbutt"
"Last night i had dinner with the ambuttidor of Spain."
"And then he buttailed me with a knife"
"The woman hired a buttbuttin to do her dirty work."
"They buttembled in the foyer."
"I told him I didn't want to have sex, but he was so buttertive."
"He carefully buttessed her."
"He knew he shouldn't, but he kissed his buttociate anyway."
"He gave her buttorted toys for her birthday."
"She was nervous, but then he buttuaged her and she felt okay again."
hehe smilie

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I should start using that...

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that is awesome! if i could agree with you more than once i would :D

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Made my dayyy :D

@acisseJ http://ctrlv.in/125468

Amirite comments have evolved so much in 2 years...

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I'm smiling like a fool over here for being in that picture.

that is hilarious. me and my friends would always say that when in halo it would say "you assassinated ___"

it's a bad word, not a bad combination of 3 letters. assassination doesn't have the /word/ ass in it.

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