Pirating software is bad. I don't care if you can't afford it; can't you live without it? You're making real people lose real money here. amirite?

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The music industry gets too much money anyway. Pirating is a way to rebalance it.

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A lot of times it was something that I wasn't going to buy anyway. Have you ever got a copy of a CD from a friend? It's the exact same thing, only over the internet. And the fines for pirating a song are ridiculous, they can be in the thousands of dollars. Many stores have a policy where if you get caught stealing they'll make you pay them back 10X and won't press charges. You'd be better off stealing a bunch of CD's which actually hurt people (the store) than pirating one song.

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Arrgh... This pirate disagrees wit' 'ye statement. I be plundering teh' high seas wit' me crew to find teh' lost movies, TV shows, video games and music ever since I first set sail on ye olde internet. Plunderin' booty teh' legal way is fer' scallywags. It helps to conceal yerself when plundering, especially wit' newly buried treasures. :D

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When I break into music I'm giving it all away for free.

Free download links on my website, get some high paying fancy shmancy advertiser to pay me lots of money.

If more bands did this, it's solve a lot of problems. Plus, bands get all their money from tours anyways.

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Tell companies to stop overpricing software, then maybe more people could afford it.

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