If you've been through a foreign language class or just know some words in a different language, you throw in different languages when you're talking. amirite?

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This post is wunderbar!

I sometimes insult people in other languages because I know they won't get it. You're right.

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I wish I could agree more with this post, perro, I can't. Mea Culpa. C'est la vie.

That's such a douche thing to do. At least it is if you speak English as a first language. In some countries gratuitous English mixed in with the local tongue seems to be the norm. It's often used incorrectly but still.

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I do that all the time. :D

I noticed once that when I was explaining something, it was basically English but it had Finnish, Swedish, French, Spanish and possibly German thrown in :D the awesome thing, though, was that my friend totally understood the whole thing

Wi'n mynd down the shops later. Just threw a bit of Welsh in there. Iawn?

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