Texting abbreviations for laughing are becoming progressively more ridiculous as time goes on: LOL (Laugh Out Loudthat makes sense), ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughingpretty absurd, but possible), LMAO (Laugh My A** Off--now that just sounds painful), amirite?

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honestly I just do haha or hehe depending on the context
its easier

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how come you sensor the word ass?

LQTM - laughing quietly to myself. let's take it down a notch, kiddos.

I have actually ROFLed before (:.

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@I have actually ROFLed before (:.

as have I! it's fun!

as for the OP . . . have you ever let the cat out of the bag? won something by the skin of your teeth? they're sayings.

My BF once texted me ROFLMAOOL
Rolling on floor laughing my a off out loud.

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