People show their true personalities online, such as being as outgoing as they truly are, because it's less intimidating to talk to someone if you can't see their face, amirite?

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I tend to get more personal online than I do in real life. It's easier for me to write out my feelings than say them.

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That's why it annoys me when my friend says "You can act like anyone you want to be online." I'm myself when I'm online, it's IRL that I have to put on a facade.

I'm the same everywhere pretty much, but this really can be true, and that's why I think people who question the validity of online friendships are narrowminded and one-dimensional. It's entirely possible to make a very good friend without ever meeting. Dating/love relationships are another story, though.

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I think what she means is that it's a lot easier to say things online than in real life, as in admitting your feelings to someone or wanting to break up.

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I think the fact that we have these sort of conversations shows how much technology has affected humanity, which is actually pathetic.

I did a speech on this once.

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It gives a lot more time to think of an answer.

Thank you very much, meee (: Yup, that's what I meant. And yeah, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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I'm more socially awkward on the internet than in reak life. :(

If you aren't as outgoing in real life, that's still a part of your "true personality." I would agree that many people are better able to express their opinions and tastes on the web, but saying that they're better able to express their "true personality" online is kinda an irritating Implication.

Being socially awkward irl but outgoing online doesn't change the fact that you're still awkward in person. That's still a part of your personality. And that's OK, man.

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Not true for me. At all. In fact, that last statement could've been a lie. You don't know.

Not for me, except I'm usually more of a smartass and everyone would be outgoing because everyone is behind a screen so youre saying everyone is innately outgoing...

I'm more ladylike online if that makes sense...

I'm more myself in real life.

The internet is just a game.

I think it's the same way with texting :)

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If somebody is having a shitty day and wants to relieve stress, they could jump online and be a total douche. Plus how are they outgoing? They sitting behind their computer not doin shit. Not to mention all the pedo's and creeps online

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