The way to cure a Facebook addiction: MLIA. The way to cure an MLIA addiction: amirite?

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The way to cure an amirite addiction: ...Yeah, sorry, no. You're basically screwed to a life of procrastination for all of eternity now...good luck!

The cure for internet addiction--> cocaine

i found out about this site cause of mlia! lol!

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I stopped going on MLIA months ago

Story of my Life XD

haha this is so rite :)

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I laffed!

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you didn't say, what is the cure for MLIA!!!!!!

@OFrabjousDay amirite, silly

but then they would have to ask ,amirite?, but yes cool how they wrote that out.

too true

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Yeah for me it was facebook> twitter> FML> MLIA> amirite

I stopped with fml and mlia though. I realized exactly how lame mlia is too

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I'd still have to say i like MLIA better. But i like this too.

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common, MLIA is the best. this is good too though :)

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