Cheddar is as Gouda cheese as any American could wish for, and while we Edam all that is something one could never Provolone. amirite?

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I knew a Swiss man named Colby who once lost his wallet. He was so Feda and upset and he is a Muenster when he's angry, so I looked at my friend and said "Ricotta get out of here" My friend said "Colby and his son, Jack, Havarti left. I noticed the wallet on the Velveeta chair, so I told him "I see it, Monchego after them"

That's cheesy

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i don't get the provolone part...

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This took me so long to understand.

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I take no credit for this. I found it on another site and thought it was funny. I'm not that clever.

I lol'ed.

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@I lol'ed.

(Parma-John): Parma-John. Lol.

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