You'd drink a rockstar energy drink at 10pm if it only cost you 25cents, amirite?

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My liver > 25 cents

I'd buy it for 25 cents and then sell it for 2 dollars.

Why 10 pm?

@Babytard Why 10 pm?

Because it's at night, so you wouldn't be able to fall asleep.

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Rockstar works on pure placebo effect, so knowing that makes this question moot.

I would only do it for a Monster

I'd do it for an amp or monster

Rockstar's are so gross. The green one taste's like toilet cleaner. I don't know why I'm drinking one right now. I really wish I had more willpower and my mum would stop buying them.

As long as it's Rockstar Cola. I don't like any of the other Rockstar flavor

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