You feel amazing topping your class, then realise you've got a whole world of genius's to compete with, amirite?

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You must not be speaking from experience since you don't need an apostrophe to pluralize nouns.

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I could honestly care less about the other geniuses or being the top of my class, as long as I have good grades, who gives a shit?

and those guys actually know when to use "'s"

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You're the top of your class and you can't correctly pluralize "geniuses"?

Haha, thanks. Had that feeling before?

If your okay with settling for second best.

Stupid valedictorians. Just because you're the top of the class doesn't mean you're all that.

actually, valedictorians are smart by definition....calling them stupid just makes you look dumb.

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I have had this feeling before. My only goal is to beat the smartest person in my class. (I stand 2nd in the honour roll) and whenever I beat her.. I feel happy but I know that there are people in the world that are waaaay smarter than us. ):

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Hey asshole, fuck you for thinking you're smart yet using an apostrophe to make a plural word. SERIOUSLY?

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Spelled geniuses wrong. Fail.

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for a job, yes you need to fight other people, but for the advancement of science, you usually WORK! with other people

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This is smart... I really like this one.

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